10 Tips to Help Your Site Better Internal Link Architecture


The link structure of website development is extremely very important for the search engine optimization. Because of, it affects the search engine crawling, index process and page ranking so you should properly follow the guidance to make the things very effectively based on the search engine optimization process. The additional use of the internal link structure has affected the navigation process, user interaction of the website and conversion rate of the website resource. So the essential tips for making the link structure properly and the supportive tips are:

Choose the correct of website and build the link structure

The most favorable link structure for a website has varies depending on the type, size factor and target the website resource. Usually, you should suggest using the flat link hierarchy based on the tree-like structure. If you have to create the link structure with the support of analyzing the most important methods and if you have the multiple domain structure try to make the decision on whether you will make use of the sub-domains. So you should understand the effects of methods on your website.

Use the proper text menus

10 Tips to Help Your Site Better Internal Link Architecture

Generally the websites with text menus are achieve the better search engine results and try to face the less indexation problems. So you should use the text menus for increasing the chance of generates the accurate result of the site links for your website.

Properly add your keywords in the anchor text of the internal links

Using the targeted keywords based on your website and place the anchor text of the internal links. Try to improve the ranking position of your internal pages for those specific set of SEO terms. Additionally, you can use the multiple variations of the keywords and try to achieve the better results based on the SEO terms. Because of, Google search engine has crawl the web pages at the time you have to spam the website means your website has dropping out the position. You will probably fire up the spam signal and make the risk for getting the website banned.

Avoid spending too much the page rank with the less important to the web pages

In the website have there are numbers of less important pages are available that will receive the large amount of the page rank. The less important pages are registrations form, terms of use, privacy policy, contact forma and reservations form. So try to make of the links properly, and then only you can get the pagerank with the dofollow links. Otherwise, you can get greater number of links that are supported to nofollow links, but it is not given the right way of linking the web pages. So you should make the right choice of the links without facing the pagerank leaks. The ranking has very essential for making the website structure effectively and you can definitely get the top ranking on the search engine result page.

Cross link of important pages

The very effective and good techniques has improved the ranking position and easily indexation by using the cross linking of the important pages of your business website. The easy way has to improve the ranking with the support of quality content and longer use of the website resources. It will increase the average use of the page views and you will reduce the bounce rate of your website.

Add the direct links to the important web pages on your website

The tree-like structure of the link will allow you to achieve the good search engine optimization results and you can get the better ranking position on the top level of link. In order to solve the problem, you can use the link hierarchy to add the direct links on your homepage from the high-level to low-level of the pages. You increase the ranking position the best seller pages without affecting the main structure of the business website. Finally, you can use the internal page of targeting the competitive keyword and get the good link building process.

Eliminate the duplicate content and dangling links

Try to remove the duplicate content and deadlinks because reducing the duplicate content can increase the number of index and improve the capability of search engine crawl. Finally, you can get the better ranking position on the internal page of your website.

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