11 Social Media Monitoring Sites You Should Try


As more companies are turning to Social Media Marketing, marketers need to find monitoring tools to track and measure social media visibility and trends. Quite a few of these tools are available for free. Here are some of the social media monitoring sites.

1.Google Alerts

Google Alerts are emailed (or you can subscribe to RSS feeds) alters of Google results.


  • Type in the search ‘keyword’.
  • Pick which kind of search type you want: news, blogs, videos, groups etc.
  • Pick how often you want the updates (once/twice daily, once a week etc.).
  • Pick the length of email (up to 20 or 50 results).
  • Pick whether to deliver it to your email inbox or as a RSS feed.
  • Subscribe.

2. SocialAppsHQ

Social Media Monitoring tools provided by SocialAppsHQ help you to listen and monitor conversations happening on the web about your company, competitors or industry in general. Sign up and start monitoring. Benefits –

You can track relevant keywords.

You can filter results by channels (FB, Web, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.)

You can check Social Media Competitive Analysis and Industry Tracking.

Social Media Monitoring Sites


Monitter is a live Twitter monitor that allows you to enter up to three keywords and monitor what is being said about it.


It’s the largest blog monitoring service. Once you register your blog here, it tracks all blogs in reference to your posts. To sign up for alters, just search for your blog here and hit subscribe to RSS feeds.

5.Social Mention

The best feature about Social Mention is that it allows you to choose which platform you want to search a keyword across. It can either be blogs, microblogs, images, events, news, audio, video, etc. Social Mention includes a huge amount of statistics about the search in addition to actual search results. The statistics shown includes the sentiments, top keywords, top users, postrank rankings, sources, etc.


Twazzup is a very useful tool to monitor your company’s reputation. All you need to do is enter a keyword and Twazzup creates a dashboard for you tracking the keyword on Twitter. It breaks down into categories: link popularity, contributors, news, users and tag clouds along with photographs. It also shows who said what, how many times something was said and how influential the people saying it are.


It’s a new service that allows users to register with them and track specific companies. One can pick the company they want and Workstreamer pulls out the information from the internet. You can add your own company with us and check Workstreamer throughout the day. Workstreamer allows you with an option to connect with your LinkedIn and SalesForce. Along with that, Workstreamer sends you a daily morning email with the most popular company information from the day before.


Klout measures influence on topics from across different social media platforms. It also allows you to track the impact of your links, options and recommendations across a variety of social media platforms. It collects data about the content you create, how people react and interact with that content, the size and the composition of your network. The data is then broken down in an easy-to-analyze way.


It’s a Social Media Monitoring app that works with Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Foursquare, WordPress and MySpace. It allows you to easily track all of your accounts including @mentions on Twitter. You can also track keywords on Twitter. All you have to do is create a tab and add columns tracking keywords such as your name, company’s name, blog, etc. to see what people are talking about you.


Web2express Digest uses an open semantic and NLP tools to analyze millions of blogs and Twitter conversations. It auto-discovers trending topics from fresh web content and allows you to view new web conversations around topics, with some efficient monitoring of products, brands, companies or competitors in real time. Web2express doesn’t have a fancy interface but it’s simple to use. Sign up to see what keywords you want to track and see results immediately.


With BoardTracker, you can set up keywords you want to track, choose your preferences and have the results emailed to you. It also allows you to run searches on topics that are being discussed in popular forums or dashboards. The best feature about BoardTracker is that it can tell you who is contributing to which topics and ranks them in order of frequency.

I’m a Social Media Community Manager working at SocialAppsHQ  which provides Facebook apps to promote your brand on Facebook. Our apps are being used by 1+ million Facebook Pages. We also provide Social Media Monitoring tools to monitor your brand’s reputation.

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