12 Tricks To Build Your Social Presence On Google +


The Google+ interface is unlike any that we have come across so far although certain similarities with other sites is inevitable. In order to use Google+ to build your social presence, you might want to read up on its rules and features first. Yes, much of it is intuitive, but getting access to ready info always helps, and there’s a lot of it out there. This article is one of them and, hopefully, you will find our 12 tricks to build your social presence on Google+ helpful enough to get the ball rolling, as it were.

1. Fill out your profile

This is not stating the obvious. Just search for random profiles and see how many of them are without a profile pic or a detailed bio. There will be people coming across your profile, and you don’t want to show them an almost blank page. You could be invited into complete strangers’ circles if they find you sharing a common interest.

2. Choose a proper profile photograph

You are a complex personality with various facets – like the rest of the people in this world – or most of them, anyway. What facet of your personality do you want to present on Google+? Even if you are not socializing for business, your company could be monitoring your online presence, and certainly, your prospective employers will be.

3. Organize your circles

Google+ gives you the means to arrange your social circles in a manner that can keep them grouped, and away from each other if you so wish. When you log in, you can simply look at each circle’s activity to find exactly what you are looking for. Compare this with your Facebook news feed which updates itself as content is posted. If you want to know what has been going on while you were away, you’d have to wade through a number of posts that you may not be interested in.

4. Join communities

About 15 years back, the idea of interacting with people from all over the globe, often in real time, was an astounding novelty. Today, the novelty may have worn off, but forums still remain incredibly useful places for networking or making friends. Communities on Google+ are like forums, and you simply must join the ones you like to make the most of this social network.

5. Make some public posts

Even with a properly filled in bio and a photograph, strangers will really know you by your activity – and you might want to make some of that visible through public posts.

6. Use images

Without going overboard, do add pics to your posts. It is all about sharing, and photographs that appeal to you could very well be loved by others as well.

7. Interact

Post stuff, comment on other people’s posts, + their work if you like what you see and generally, be active as you would be at a party where you are trying to meet new people.

8. Re-share

Re-share posts and give credit to the original poster. When you use the +mention feature, the people you mentioned are notified (as on Facebook). Showing genuine interest by re-sharing is a great way to make friends.

9. Do not disturb

You can use the ‘send email to’ button to notify people of your posts. If you keep doing this too frequently, most people would want to mute you. When that happens, you will lose connection with the ones that do, because they will no longer receive notifications from you, not even when you directly message them.

10. Make use of hashtags

This is to make yourself found. If you are posting on body-building, for example, a hashtag will ensure that people searching for relevant posts will find you. Don’t overdo this, however.

11. Use your mobile phone

The app for Android or iOS users is extremely useful and can keep you in constant touch with Google+. Even your photographs are auto-uploaded the instant you click them, and stored privately. This means you never lose those memorable moments even if you should lose your phone, and there is no extra work (manual uploading) involved when you want to share the pics with your circles – this is good news for the lazy ones amongst us, and there are quite a few!

12. Hang out

That’s right, hang out at the Google Hangout and meet new people or connect with old ones via text or video. You can have multiple users logged in privately or publicly, and you can record a webinar or a private performance if you like.

Above all, have fun exploring the possibilities. 60% of the 90 million users of Google+ log in every day – they can’t all be wrong. There is a lot in store just waiting for you to discover, and you will be the better off as soon as you do.

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