12 Ways To Improve Your Twitter Campaign


The world of marketing is experiencing some major changes today, and no online platform points this trend out clearer than Twitter. Thousands (if not millions) of people are learning how to attract more Twitter followers, and this is drawing individuals from different walks of life closer to one another.

If you want to go viral by directly touching people’s hearts with your line of products or services, there are no two ways about it, you have to appreciate Twitter and adopt it as a core strategy in your marketing campaign.

That being said, Twitter marketing is no child’s play and not everyone who uses it is guaranteed to experience instant exponential growth. Twitter marketing and social media marketing general has a fair share of ropes which you must strive to learn. This article will equip you with 12 Ways to Improve Your Twitter Campaign.

12 Ways To Improve Your Twitter Campaign

12 Ways To Improve Your Twitter Campaign

1. Follow relevant tweeps

When it comes to choosing twitter followers, it’s not just about accumulating quantity but rather about quality. It’s better to have 1000 resourceful followers than 1000000 uninterested followers. So make sure to limit your follower-base to crucial users within your niche.

2. Invest in worthwhile and relevant posts

Your followers probably receive thousands of posts every day. To stand from the pack it is essential to ensure that your posts are interesting, value-rich and relevant.

3. Use hashtags only when it’s appropriate

Hashtags are used for trending topics. You can enjoy ground-breaking results by regularly posting useful posts on popular hashtags. Alternatively, you can create your own hashtags and market them to your advantage.

4. Don’t go overboard with your sales messages

People hate spammy and narrow content. Avoid appearing too focused on making a kill out of your followers by focusing on adding value to their lives- refer to your products only when necessary.

5. Create a complete loop by replying to tweets and re-tweeting your followers’ tweets

Marketing is two-way traffic and Twitter marketing is not an exception to this rule. As you post your tweets, don’t forget to re-tweet relevant posts from your followers and to reply to their queries as frequent as possible.

6. You have twenty four hours a day to tweet, utilize them wisely

Don’t post all your tweets at a go. Spread out your campaign throughout the day to reach a wider audience.

7. Use analytical tools to help monitor the efficiency of your campaign

You don’t want to run your campaign blindly without identifying your strengths and weaknesses. This is where important tools like Bottlenose and TwitterFox come in handy.

8. Support your tweets with blog posts

You have only 140 characters to put your message across. Why not post use these to attract attention to your blog (or website) by offering a brief intro to your articles.

9. Reward your supporters

In other words; give your followers a reason to enjoy being part of your social media fraternity. You can reward them by setting aside special offers and discounts in an exclusive manner.

10. Create a special landing page exclusive for Twitter users

Did you know that you can enjoy huge results by a creating special landing page optimized for Twitter? Make sure to learn a couple of tips on how to build effective landing pages before applying this tip.

11. Be honest

In marketing, honesty is the best policy. Simply put, if you appear shady in one way or another, your Twitter followers are likely to ignore or even unfollow you. Just play it cool and have fun. In other words, don’t spend the bulk of your time scrambling for attention.

12. Let your tweets carry your voice across the board

Your Twitter account is basically the face of your enterprise- and what is a face without a voice? People like transacting with fellow human beings; not with lifeless machines. Try as much as possible to ensure that your voice and your personality appears in a crystal clear manner throughout all your posts. Don’t make the mistake of posting life-less stuff.

Last remarks

That’s it! The 12 ways to improve your Twitter campaign and as we appreciate your reading them, we remain optimistic that you’re going to keep coming back (to this page) as often as possible to update your knowledge of the world of Twitter marketing. All the best!

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