16 Undercover Google Analytics Advanced Sections That Could Make You Rich


If you are one of the many Google Analytics users then you must have been using the tool called Advanced Segments. For those of you who aren’t too familiar with this tool then you must have been missing an important aspect of digging a mine to make you earn more from your website or blog when using Google Analytics. Google has been offering its users with great but discreet features that could help you improve your ability to track down the performance of your website and to monitor your website conversion rate as among its features.

If you are not using Google Analytics Advanced Section yet then you are missing out big time in digging the gold mine to help you get rich by improving your website performance using the Advanced Sections tool from Google Analytics. Using this tool will help you configure your own criteria for monitoring the various metrics and dimensions as part of your customized Google Analytics package. Now, if you have a sudden change of heart and find yourself getting interested, here are the 16 undercover Google Analytics Advanced Sections that could make you rich and worth knowing about.

Google Analytics Advanced Segment

1. New vs Returning

This advanced section provides you the opportunity to identify your new visitors exclusively. They are profiled as online users who visit your site for the first time. The segment excludes your returning visitors and those who have searched for your brand before and single out only those who are new visitors to your site. Using the analytic report, you will be able to understand how to accommodate the needs of your new visitors and learn how to keep them interested to become your website regular visitors.

2. Social Media Traffic

This section will help you monitor where your referrals come from that drives traffic to your website. While there could be many sources of referrals to your site, you may want to filter an exclusive analytic report that monitors only the social media sources that bring traffic and activity to your site and help you learn how to further strengthen your social media campaign in these sites to make you more money.

3. Whales

This is a segment in the advanced section of Google Analytics that allows you to monitor the top buyer for your site and helps you monitor their purchasing activities and how to encourage others to become a top buyer to your eCommerce site as well.

4. Google as Source

There is no doubt that one of the major search engines used in the internet community is Google. Therefore, you don’t want to miss monitoring this major source of traffic to your site and be able to understand the activities that Google drives to your website.

5. Converted vs Non-converted

This section allows you to compare the activities and behavior of your visitors who made the purchase and those who didn’t. It helps you determine the reason for their conversion and where you failed to convert your visitors into buying your products.

6. 1 Word Keywords

This section will help determine which one keyword drives traffic to your website. It can truly be amusing how a single keyword could bring a lot of traffic to your site and you may be interested which keyword is digging the gold mine for your website.

7. Organic Image Traffic

You can make use of this section by applying it to your SEO report in searching for keywords in your landing page. This is most helpful when you are using Google images to your blog site or website where you can direct the analytic report to investigate traffics exclusively coming from Google image search engine activities.

8. Common ISP

This section of the advanced segment in Google Analytics helps you determine which ISP drives inorganic traffic to your site. The section screens common ISP activities in your website and it will isolate ISP sources that bring unnatural traffic to your website.

9. Blog Bounce Remover

Not all web visitors stay and really digest what your site has to offer them. This section analyzes the blog traffic to your site and remove the bounce occurring from your blog traffic coming from web users who only take a peek to a single page on your site and then leave.

10. Screens Under 600 Pixels Wide

This segment of the advanced section of Google Analytics captures only those mobile devices that use 100-599 x 100-599 pixels when viewing your site. This is helpful when your website is most likely to be thrown off by different Smartphones in the market that have 0 x 0 pixels in dimension.

11. DMA Quartiles

This is a useful segment in monitoring geographic reports on your website performance. Using the DMA measurement in group metrics into four quartiles, you can export the analytic report in Excel and view the raw amount of your products’ market share to specific state or location.

12. The Brand Interest Segment

This segment allows you to review the activities of your users who visited your brand page such as the testimonial section and about page. It analyzes three segments on your website, namely those who do not view your brand page, those who viewed but did not bother reading your blog and those who view both your blog and brand pages.

13. Cart Abandoner

This segment is useful for eCommerce website owners who wonder what went wrong when their online shoppers abandon their shopping cart and also to monitor the most common sources of web visitors who often show this kind of activity.

14. Business Hours vs Off hours

This is a segment that helps you monitor your conversion rate and differences between doing business within business hours or off hours. The section monitors the traffic activities on your business website and the conversion rate going on during business and off hours.

15. Detecting Content Piracy

This is an advanced segment in Google Analytics that helps you determine whether your blog content is being stolen by others. Someone may be pirating the traffic that should have been generated to your site. Now you’ll know using this advanced section in your Google Analytics.

16. Geographic brand ripples

Use this segment in your Google Analytic advanced section to compare the traffic of your website against two main cities within your choice of region to understand how your brand is doing in these marketplaces.

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