20 Link Building Queries To Engage With Content-Based Link Builders


Link building is an art and if it is done correctly, it will earn a lot of positive benefits to your business. This is a challenging task of SEO and is an easy way to success. With a solid budget, you can have best link building strategy, which is equipped with creativity. All link building strategies are different and this makes them quite popular among all the businesses. To create editorial, outreach or non editorial link building campaign, it is essential that you find the right set of queries to help you engage with content based link builders.

Link Building Queries

1. Queries to find resource pages for various authority sites:
“Keyword” site:.org intitle:”other resources” -inurl:pdf -inurl:ppt -inurl:doc
This will help you identify the various link building operations that are broken. Most of the resource pages have “other resources” “link list” or “resources” to allow contributors to the page. If you type this query without the “intitle”portion, you will get a general list of resource pages.

2. Queries to find various colleges and universities:
If you are looking for the easiest method to link builds, then you need to discover the students of both the colleges as well as universities, who in turn will link the degree students to various career opportunities.
For US colleges in Google:
* + site:.cc..us
* + College/university + site.:edu

3. Queries to find your link partner site (competitor site):
“keyword” link: 1stcompetitor.com link: 2ndcompetitor.com -link:mysite.com
This query is great for low hanging opportunities for link. This helps you find link partner sites which are your competitor sites. Usually, more than 3 competitors would have a link from a source and this query would help you find the source. It will help you acquire good quality sources of links with this query.

4. Query to get the guest post opportunity providing websites:
*keyword + “guest blogger” / “guest post” / “guest article” / “guest column”
*keyword + “donate to this site” / “become a contributor”
* keyword + “write for me” / “write for us”
* keyword + inurl: category / guest

5. Query for finding various websites which will enable you to list your site:
Keyword + “add a site”/”submit site”/”suggest site”/”post site”/”recommend site”

6. Query to find infographics to help in link building:
IndustryName + intitle:infographics
IndustryName + top/recommended/helpful/favorite/wonderful/awesome infographics

7. Queries to find industry specific Questions and Answers:
IndustryName + site:quora.com
IndustryName + site:wiki.answers.com
IndustryName + site:answers.yahoo.com
[Programmers] + site: programmers.stackexchange.com

8. Query to find blogs that review products:
Name of the product + review + site:wordpress.com
ProductName + review + site:blogspot.com

9. Queries to find industry specific events
IndustryName + site:meetup.com
IndustryName + intitle:conference

10. Query for free widgets or free tools:
IndustryName + intitle:tools
IndustryName + intitle: widgets
IndustryName + top/recommended/helpful/favorite/marvelous/awesome tools
IndustryName + top/recommended/useful/desired/amazing/remarkable widgets

11. Queries for websites that accept paid and sponsored reviews:
Keyword + intext:”it is a Sponsored review”
Keyword + intext:”it is a sponsored post”
Keyword + intext:”it is a paid review”
Keyword + intext:”it is a paid post”

12. Queries for Social Media Influencers
[Target Keyword] twitter list
[Target Keyword] on Facebook
[Target Keyword] Google+

13. Queries for Press Contacts :
[Industry] trade publications
[Industry] reporter

14. Query for video content:
keyword + “videos”

15. Query for Facebook, you need to search by
IndustryName + website: facebook.com

16. Queries for finding interview opportunities:
IndustryName + intitle: interview -job
IndustryName + inurl: interview -job

17. Query for linkedin:
* In Linkedin, you can get the people eager to share the content of yours by
IndustryName + site: linkedin.com

18. Queries to find websites that review products:
ProductName + intitle:review
ProductName + intitle:ratings

19. Query to find blog posts by a particular author:
Inpostauthor: “Author Name”

20. Query for finding websites of library:
+ library + site:..us (For US library while searching in google)
+ library +site:.uk (for UK library)

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