4 Ways to Increase Local Website Visibility!


Location based marketing is a technique that has been in use for some time. It now heavily involves technology and the use of the Internet. Making use of your resources like these can be great for business. So learn how it works for you as a company and as a customer.

1. Listing the Business

One important step to gaining a new customer base and keeping the one you have now is letting people know that you are here!  No matter what your location is like, more people will find you if you put your name out there in the right places.

This does not mean that you have to employ some poor kid to go stand on the street corner waving a sign all day. You can skip the gimmicks and go for the technological approach to it all.

First make sure that your company is listed in all local directories. You can list your company on yellow pages and elsewhere. This way when people type in related searches online, yours will more likely pop up to the top when the search is locally based.

So if someone were in Riverside, California, for example, they might want to know about the restaurants only in that city. When your address is listed on your own website and when you are in Google maps and other search sites, your restaurant will pop up on their search. Just take it from the millions of small and large business that do this that it really works.

2. Blogging

Blogging and overall Internet presence can play a huge role in your acquiring process. You want more people in the doors, so you need more people hearing about you. TV spots are expensive. Try getting a famous blogger to come and rate your accompany. Put that person up and let them try what you have to offer. This gives you exposure at a minimal cost. People can try your goods through someone else, vicariously. Many people like this option.

You can also start your own blog or comments page on your website now. Give people a forum and let them spread their experience with your company. Make sure that your Yelp site is doing well, also. It is important to check your online presence for any negativity so that it does not prevent potential customers from coming in the doors to try the goods or services for themselves.

3. Mobile Apps

So many people use their mobile phone these days for more than making phone calls. They text and tweet and check their Facebook. They also use their maps as a GPS and find new places to go with the easy set up. You can become part of this widespread trend now. Keep up on your mobile app. If you do not have one, make sure that you make one. At least convert your site so that when a mobile user opens it, it works just as well as it would on a computer. Slow sites can turn people of. Some associate a bad site with bad service. Overcome that by developing a great, user-friendly site.

4. Checking In

Checking in is something that people can do on their mobile devices. They can use their tablets and phones and accessories to do this. When they go somewhere fun they simply “check in” on a cell tower like device specific to the business to show where they are. This can bring their friends to your business, so set your company up today.

This is location based marketing at its finest. Start now to advertise to those who might actually become loyal customers and reap the rewards of well-targeted marketing.

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