4 Ways to Monetize Your Blog!


Do you have a great blog with a lot of followers? Are you looking to generate a little extra income from your blog?

There are a lot of really amazing blogs out there that can and should be monetizing their blogs. It’s a great way to increase your income by doing what you love.

Below I’ve listed my top 5 ways to monetize any blog.

1. Advertising Space

A great, and simple way to generate a little extra income from you site is to sell designated ad space.

Create a page on your website telling people what to do and expect if they are interested in advertising on your blog.

What do include on your advertising page:

  • Site traffic and ranking
  • Advertising options
  • Advertising rates
  • Explain how advertising with you will benefit their site

2. Create and sell and ebook

What is your blog’s niche? Are you a business blog that specializes in growing a website’s readership? Perhaps you could write an ebook with your top 10 most valuable tips for generating more traffic to a website. Sell it for what it’s worth. And generate a little extra income!

A quick guide to writing an ebook:

  • Choose a topic for your ebook.
  • Create an outline of how you want your ebook, including chapters, etc.
  • Write ebook.
  • Proofread ebook, edit.
  • Design ebook. Powerpoint and InDesign are great options for designing ebooks.
  • Finalize ebook.
  • Sell ebook on your website.

3. Become an affiliate

Promote an affiliate product on your blog, and earn commission off of every sale that results from your recommendation.

The key to generating money successfully with affiliate marketing, is to ensure that you don’t sign up for every single affiliate program out there. Focus on affiliate programs that coincide with your blogs niche.

So how do you become an affiliate? Start looking on some of your favorite brands websites. A lot of the times, products and brands will give an option to ‘become an affiliate’, that is generally listed towards the bottom of their home page. If a certain brand you love is offering an affiliate program, be sure to read through all of their rules and guidelines before signing up. If the affiliate program sounds right for you, sign up!

4. Product Reviews

Another great way to earn a little extra cash is to write a detailed review about a product on your site. This is similar to being an affiliate and generally works the same way. To get you started, you can sign up for affiliate programs and review their products.

To ensure that you review products your audience will love be sure that you are reviewing products that fit your blogs niche and that are things you would actually want or need in your own life.

A quick guide to writing a product review:

  • Use the product: Before you can write a product review, you first need to use and become familiar with those products.
  • Include both, what you like and dislike about the product.
  • Include full disclosure and links: For those products that you are being compensated to write a review on, you need to include that in your review.
  • Include quality photos of the products.
  • Include your overall thoughts and opinion of the product as your conclusion.


Monetizing your blog may take some time, but will pay off in the end. Get started today towards monetizing your blog with my top 4 ways listed above. These 4 techniques are great ways to make a little extra cash while still doing what you love to do.

Already monetizing your blog? What’s been your favorite way to earn a little extra cash? Let us know in the comments box below.

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