5 Golden Tips To Increase Your Blog Traffic


Internet marketing is not the sole reason people blog; the art has become a popular pastime in the current century and so you need to get it right from the start. In order to maximize on the benefits of blogging, you need to build an audience and the following tips will come in handy:

Tips To Increase Your Blog Traffic

Tips to increase your blog traffic

Tip number 1: Post regularly

Your content will be read only if it is fresh, original and quality. Nobody wants stale content and so creativity is essential as far as blogging is concerned. Before you post your very first entry – and this includes your bio and tag line – you need to define your goal. Whatever pushed you to create your blog is the first thing you need to consider when setting your goals. Second, choose your niche carefully. This will help you choose topics for your daily posts.

Publish 1 post and check the statistics at the end of the day.If you got no clicks, then you need to change strategy – post 2 entries, then 3 and see how it goes. To achieve better results, you need fresh content. The more you post, the higher the consumption rate and this translates directly to higher traffic. With time, you will discover the kind of content your readers like most – based on blog statistics – and so you can capitalize on the most read topics.

Tip number 2: Guest post

If you get a request to contribute on major platforms as a guest, do not waste that chance. You can also look out for such opportunities as they arise all the time. When you land a blog and happen to like the content, write to the administrator and see if they can secure you some chance to guest post. You may not be entitled to payments for such posts, but rest assured this is the right opportunity for you to grow your readership; you will advertise your blog and gain backlinks for free.

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Tip number 3: Get subscribers

Your daily visitors and their contact persons are the best subscribers you can ever get. To boost your blog traffic, you need to cultivate deep and reach to a wider audience. You can send them your posts via emails by availing the ‘subscribe’ menu.

Create your reading list by following fellow bloggers and also catching up with the trending news on your blog depending on the blogging platform you are using. The world has become quite wired for you to post without reading.

Once you discover some great writer, search for their blogs and click on the follow button. Chances are high that they will return the favor and follow your blog back. This is how relationships are made on the internet, and be sure that everyone within your network has a role to play as far as your blog traffic is concerned.

It is also advisable to be free with comments as they will not take much of your time. Comments work just as good as follows hence helping build your network of readers. You need to pair this up with great content since it is quality that will make your blog sticky. Work towards leaving at least 6 comments daily on the various blogs you manage to read.

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Tip number 4: Engage your audience via social media

One of the golden tips to boost your blog traffic is; respond to all comments left by your readers. Some of your readers follow your posts via social media, and so every time you post, they get the post s via their preferred media. You also need to go an extra mile and publicize your posts. Most blogging platforms give you the chance to link blog with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google + and many other social networking sites. Make use of this free opportunity and share your content genuinely.

In addition, you will find it wise to install social sharing plug ins on your page so that your visitors can have an easy time sharing content with the people within their networks. This is free advertisement at a very little effort.

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Tip number 5: Use your email signature to publicize your blog

You will find it invaluable to add your blog URL on your email signature so that everyone you contact via email can get an equal chance of visiting your blog. If the people you exchange emails with see you as a serious person, they most likely will spare a few minutes surfing through your blog content. This way, your audience grows thus boosting your traffic.

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