5 Hidden Truths about Web Hosting Companies


There is no doubt about the necessity of a good website when one plans to do business online. Website is the face of the business in the virtual world and therefore it has to be designed to reflect the brand identity and company values. More than a well-designed website it is further important to find a good webhosting company to host your website in efficient and effective manner. It may appear superficially easy task and you may feel that all webhosting providers are the same and they provide the best value for the money you spend. Unfortunately, the reality is very different and there are many hidden truths about web hosting companies that never appear on the surface and keep on troubling you.

The top 5 hidden truths about web hosting companies are:

5 Hidden Truths about Web Hosting Companies

The myth of 99.99% server uptime: The most significant hidden truths about web hosting companies are fact about the myth of 99.99% server uptime. Firstly, there is not a single case when web hosting providers achieve 99.99% uptime, and as the end user you will never have any measurement criteria to know it. Moreover, 99.99% itself is a misleading concept because in a 24x7x365 scenario, it comes out to be 6 hours of downtime that is significantly high. It is always better to go for 99.999% service level commitment that is much affordable.

No help when it is required the most: In most of the cases, so-called 24×7 technical supports is also a gimmick and you seldom get the support when it is badly needed. In most of the cases, you get long hours queued in the IVR frantically pressing a lot of ones and twos in the false of getting connected to some human being. Even if you are fortunate enough to get connected, there is hardly any meaningful help from the “technical support”! This is one of the hidden truths about web hosting companies.

The hallucination of offers: Another hidden truths about web hosting companies web host companies are they often bombard the users with plethora of flamboyant array of offers to get the business. Needless to say, all these offers are just gimmicks with a lot of “Conditions apply” and reading between the lines. The packages are molded in such a manner that they encourage a long-term relationship with no ways to breach the contract from customer side. There is the most common trap of entry and hidden truths about web hosting companies that offer where the plans are available at very cheap rates for the first year and the rate becomes significantly high from the subsequent years.

The fiasco of Email: It is a well-known hidden truths about web hosting companies that so-called unlimited email facility with web hosting is actually a deception and the bulk option actually collapses when a load of more than 100-200 mails put on the server. Emails get failed; never reach to the recipients and you would not even come to know about it.

Crawling speed of servers: In most of the cases, you will never get the server speed as committed. In the initial phase there is sufficient speed, but it gets reduced as the server load increases. In a few cases, shared servers are used in place of dedicated servers and that too without your knowledge. Web hosting companies including web hosting Dubai normally reluctant to tell the server location and want to keep transparent from you. Malpractices like insertion of Robots.txt to reduce the search engine spiders and crawlers to your webpage. These are the top 5 hidden truths about web hosting companies for you to be aware of it.

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