5 iPhone Accessories that Make the iPhone Better


As the iPhone become accessible to more people, manufacturers start to make accessories to make it much better. You will learn to love your iPhone even more with new exciting accessories. The majority of iPhone owners today have a nice disposable income and rightly so, they can afford to spruce up their new gadget and personalize it a bit. If you’re thinking about purchasing some accessories for your iPhone, here are 5 iPhone accessories that make the iPhone better and you may want to consider:

The Lightning Dock

When Apple introduced the new line of iPhones and iPad it rendered the 30-pin connectors of old obsolete. The new Lightning connector has become the new standard and thanks to people at Cupertino; they have their way to go against the grain. For this reason lots of third-party manufacturers have decided that it is time to make a dock that is compatible with the new iPhone 5, iPod touch 5th generation, iPad mini and the iPad4.

Shockdrop Cases

With reports that the aluminum back of the new iPhone can be easily scratched, plenty of owners trooped to store to buy a case. If you are not keen on damaging your precious phone then Shockdrop gives you a whole gamut of protection. It has silicon protection around the case which is designed to keep the width of the phone down. The bold design will be a hit for the youngsters; much is said about older people’s tastes.

5 iPhone Accessories that Make the iPhone Better

SGP.GLAS.t Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Lately, most of us have been using thin plastic film as screen protectors. Some bright mind thought of using hardened glass to replace the film and get more money out of it. Sounds like a bright idea? It really is. If you have been using film screen protectors, you know that overtime it will wilt from the heat and bubbles will arise. Using film only absorbs the scratches leading you to replace it ever so often. Glass Screen Protectors from SGP.GLAS.t are able to withstand scratches and is shatter proof for safety.

SGP kuel H12 Stylus Pen

As iPhones come out with longer screens, it was a cue for enterprising businessmen to create a stylus. Styli have been obsolete until one large phablet in 2011 reinvented it. Now everyone wants to have a stylus. If you are the type that loves to write, draw and do something with a pen that would give you more freedom then this is the gadget for you.

Motorola HX550 Bluetooth Headset

Not a fan with the headset that came in the box? Use this baby and it will give you a great time. The sound quality is superb and the battery life is more than you would expect.

With all the accessories available already, it is important to remember that at the end of the day you are dealing with a phone. The iPhone has clearly revolutionized the way we look at phones. It is no longer just a means of sending voice through thin air but a thing that redefined human living.

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