5 Ways to Make Your Windows Computer Run Faster


Spyware and Malware

Both spyware and malware pose a serious threat to individual users, as well as businesses and enterprises. Malware accounts for 69% of all security breaches. Spyware is used to steal passwords and user data as well. There are number of free programs that can help you delete spyware and malware already on your computer and help prevent it from showing up again.

Super Anti-Spyware is an excellent program that can remove all spyware from your computer. It offers the ability to run quick scan, which scans the most common areas where spyware is usually found or more thorough scans, which scan all files on a certain drive or device. Scans can be performed manually or they can be scheduled for a time when the user will not be interrupted by the scan, such as the middle of the night or other times when the computer will be running but the user will not be around. If users upgrade to the premium plan, the program will run an anti-spyware shield which helps prevent spyware from getting installed on your computer in the first place.

Malwarebytes is one of the best anti-malware programs out there. It also has the ability to perform quick scans or thorough scans and can be set to run in the background, preventing malware from ever making it to your computer. Scans can be performed manually or scheduled.

5 Ways to Make Your Windows Computer Run Faster

Drive Optimization

Freeing up disk space is a great way to speed up your computer or laptop. Windows has a built-in utility called Disk Cleanup that provides users with a list of files that they can safely delete in order to improve the performance of the device. This allows users to delete their temp files including temp internet files, delete any files that may be hanging around in the recycle bin taking up space, delete any app files that may have been downloaded (ActiveX, Java, etc.), delete error reports and logs, delete any components that are no longer needed, delete installed applications that you haven’t used in a long time, delete system restore backups that you no longer need (these can be quite large) and, if you’re using Windows 8, it allows you to delete system files that are no longer needed on your computer.

Use the error-checking feature in Windows to scan the sectors of your hard drive to determine if there are any bad sectors. If any are found, the utility will attempt to repair it if possible. If the sector cannot be repaired, it will simply be overwritten and Windows will ignore that section when writing any future data to the device.

Disk Defragmenter is a tool that can nearly always speed up the computer a little bit. As you install more programs and download files to your hard drive, Windows separates these files into pieces (fragments), and stores them in various sectors of the drive. When you attempt to use a file, Windows must search across the entire drive to find all the fragments of the file. With large hard drives that have many files on them, this can be a time-consuming task. Disk Defragmenter joins all the pieces together again so Windows can access the file much faster.

An excellent tool that can perform all these functions and more is System Mechanic. It performs a variety of useful actions including increasing speed, repairing problems, plugging security holes, clean-up of unused files and privacy protection.

Upgrade Operating System

Sometimes an action as simple as upgrading your operating system (OS) will speed up performance. As newer versions will often have more modern utilities and programs to help keep your PC optimized.

Upgrade Hardware

If you have an older computer, the problem could just be outdated hardware. Sometimes you may need to upgrade your entire computer, other times you can just upgrade certain hardware. An addition of an SSD drive could help performance, as well as upgraded memory (RAM) or CPU.

Excessive Browser Tabs

If you are only noticing a slowdown of system performance when you are using multiple tabs, try closing some of them. Each open tab impacts system performance and while it is extremely useful to have so many tabs open at once, it can be proactive to your system performance.

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