8 Must-Have iOS Productivity Apps for Entrepreneurs


A smart businessman will tackle their daily tasks in an efficient manner, allocating their time properly so that the top priorities get more hours than the lesser ones. To assist with this, there are plenty of smartphone apps available. For those with an iPhone or iPad, here are the very best iOS productivity apps for entrepreneurs around the world.

1. LastPass

Being a savvy corporate professional, you know how important it is to keep track of all your different passwords. Rather than jotting them down insecurely in a notebook, an application like LastPass can remember them for you. There is a yearly fee to install this on your iPhone but the added protection it provides is definitely worth the cost and this is one of the great iOS productivity apps for entrepreneurs.

ios productivity apps for entrepreneurs

2. Wunderlist

Keeping track of your To Do list can be fairly time consuming, especially if you don’t use an efficient system. Wunderlist 2 can help out here by providing a visually pleasing interface that allows you to manage, update and delete your important tasks as they emerge during the day. Your lists can be synced between your mobile and computer too, giving you access anywhere.

3. Evernote

The great thing about this ios productivity apps Evernote’s handy note recording service is that it can be used for just about anything. Whether you want to merely snap some important photos to remember for later or upload an entire staff manual for easy access, this is the app for you. Basically, it stores all of your important documents on the cloud so you can browse them through any net connection.

4. Dropbox

While Evernote can be used to store and share documents and pictures, it doesn’t work very well for larger files. This is where Dropbox can help. Simply install this ios productivity apps on your iPhone and MacBook and you can transfer and access large amounts of files (including documents, images and videos) through any sort of broadband internet connection. You can also share these files with your friends and co-workers once they have signed up for the Dropbox service as well.

5. Instapaper

During your daily web browsing, you are likely to come across news and magazine articles that you wish to read. This can play havoc on your productivity levels however. Instapaper allows you to save these articles in your own personal newspaper so that you can browse over them later once your responsibilities are met and you have some free time available.

ios productivity apps6. Yast

The busy entrepreneur should also have time-keeping ios productivity apps to record how long they have spent doing particular tasks. Yast is a quick and easy program that can accurately measure how long you have spent on a certain project. Simply press play and the timer will start. Once you have completed your task, press stop and your time will be recorded.

7. Focus Booster

When preventing burnout within the office, no application works quite so well as Focus Booster. By dividing your time into alternating blocks of work periods and breaks, this program will keep you alert and productive no matter what you need to complete during your busy day. With this simple timer, your quality will also improve as you remain awake throughout the working hours.

8. My Minutes

Another time-keeping ios productivity apps, My Minutes has an added feature: it allows you to allocate a specific amount of time to certain tasks during the day. It then keeps track of the time that has passed, letting you know when you have run out of hours, minutes or seconds. In this way, you will never let one task eat into the time allocated to another. This is a simple method of preventing needless overtime and rushed deadlines.

Hope these 8 ios productivity apps for entrepreneurs will help to tackle everyday task in easy and efficient manner.

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