Apple Family Beats Android in Battery Life Tests


Android tablets might have surfaced in the market with a promise to give iPad a tough time, but in actuality things are turning to be quite contradictory. The Android market is abuzz with rumors that all is not well with the tablets based on Google OS. This time, it’s the battery life that has cost the Android tablets their reputation. Lately, it has been perceived that Android tablets, whether large or small, can beat the battery life of Apple iPad in any terms. In a recent test of battery of various high-end 10-inch tablets, Apple’s iPad had the longest battery life. In the category of 7-inch tablets, iPad mini topped the list.

The test was conducted by a UK based consumer watchdog site. Along with the battery life, the site also conducted tests for checking video playback quality and web browsing speed over Wi-Fi or 3G. Using a light meter, the brightness of all tablets was set to 200 units. This was done to ensure that no manufacturer could take the advantage or blame the results on bad or low default brightness settings.

Apple Android Battery Life Tests

In the category of large tablets, Retina display powered iPad topped the result chart with 811 or approximately 13.5 hours of battery life and iPad 2 secured the second spot with 590 minutes or 9.8 hours of battery life. In the Android tablet segment, Sony Xperia Tablet S became the forerunner with 534 minutes of battery life, which was closely followed by Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1.

Surface, the newly launched tablet from Microsoft, was placed amongst the large tablets for the battery life test. The tab registered a respectable time of 501 minutes or 8.3 hours. One of the lowest rating tablets was the newly launched Nexus 10 from Google, which comes with a high res-display and Retina beating. Unfortunately, this tablet could only record a battery life of 488 minutes or 8.1 hours. The phone that was placed at the last position was the Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime which registered a battery life of just 335 minutes, while detached from its keyboard. With the keyboard, the battery life is extended up to 661 minutes or 11 hours.

In the segment of smaller tablets, Apple iPad Mini topped the list with a battery life of 783 minutes or 13 hours. Just three hours behind of this was the Amazon Kindle Fire HD, which registered a respectable battery life of 591 minutes or 9.8 hours. Google Nexus 7 got the third rank, with a battery life of around 550 minutes or 9 hours and 10 minutes.

These tests have raised a potential question- why do Apple devices offer a better battery life than any other gadget? Well, the answer lies in the engineering of Apple devices. The tight command exhibited by Apple over software and hardware help the device exhibit such qualitative features. As you perform multiple tasks on iOS, other apps that are running in the background are suspended. This saves considerable amount of battery. On the contrary, in the Android system, apps can freely run in the background even if they are not being used which consumes more battery and computing resources.

As per recent surveys, ads that are displayed in the free Android apps such as Angry Birds and Fchess, take a toll on the phone’s battery life. This is because only 25 to 30 per cent of the battery is spent on playing games, while more that 75 per cent of the battery is consumed in uploading user information, tracking the user and downloading advertisements.

This research also highlights a prime reason that lures more users in buying Apple tablets over Android tablets. The results are out- what’s your choice?

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