Best New Features For Mobile Devices Which Will Be Launched Shortly


Apps are slowly taking over the world! The increase in global connectivity has resulted in people being able to access their information, social networks and business concerns from anywhere in the world. Even mobile devices can now be used to help with managing your day to day schedules. To make the processes as simple as possible, an app has been created for almost everything you can think of. Here are the best new features which will be launched shortly:


The latest apps are now capable of comprehending your location. This means that they will be able to make suggestions based upon your personal tastes and habits in conjunction with your current location. The increase in the number of beacons will see this technology moving to another level as offers become very personal.


The beacon is a device which will send out a signal to any passer-by and provide them with information on a pre-determined subject. Beacons are now included in budgets for the coming year and there will be a rapid increase in the number of them. Networking between beacons will allow any app to contact you directly, via a Bluetooth connection. This will spark a huge increase in the number of apps which will be designed to utilize the Bluetooth on your device.

The focus of the app will be critical to the success of both the app and the beacons. An app which uses your location to know when you have entered a store could automatically open the pay screen for you. This will enable smooth, effortless payment for your purchases; possibly without even getting your phone out of your bag!

The DIY App

Perhaps the biggest advancement that will be seen this coming year is the introduction of easy to create apps. There are already some app making products on the market but the next generation ones will enable you to create a professional, business app in a matter of minutes.

The following business app makers are especially good:

  • Good Baber

This service is offered for a reasonable price and provides all the features that you would expect in a top product. It has a very user interface and will allow you to create a well-presented app for almost any type of business. Access to the source codes and plugins means that every app is fully customizable. They also have an excellent customer service center.

  • Build Fire

Build Fire is designed for the novice. Simply create an account and then pick your app template. Move widgets in to create your app; you can also customize the look and feel of the app. The preview and either launch or tweak your app!

  • MobiCart

The MobiCart product is designed with the retailer in mind. In one simple operation, you can synchronize your online store with the app to create a mobile storefront and boost your e-commerce sales. It will also allow you to add third party software and a payment module which will ensure your customer can shop from an app and not need to go to the online store. It also offers additional features, such as location-based services.


In recent years ad blocking apps have been a common occurrence; despite these, the online ad is alive and well and looks set to continue that way. However, it is very likely that these advertising tools will sync more with the beacons and location information to ensure the adverts you receive are relevant. The focus of each advert will be smaller but the results will be significantly better as the target audience will actually be interested in the product.

As far as business apps that already exist and are getting constant upgrades, we cannot ignore Evernote, which is excellent at helping people keep notes, contacts, and to-do lists. The pocket is additionally recommended because it saves articles and videos, and last but not least we have slacked, an intuitive app meant to help companies stay in touch, create conversations through channels and keep projects organized and discreet.

Regardless of your choice, just make sure to check the updates. 2016 is almost here, so we’re eager to see new apps hit the market.

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