Tools to Check Website Traffic for Website

Keeping track of the number of visitors on your page is very important, as it helps you get a clear idea of how much exposure you are actually getting. It’s all well and good to be ranking highly, but you need to ensure that that actually mean people are visiting your site using some free tools to check website traffic.

There are a variety of different tools to check website traffic in order to keep track of your visitors, however, some are different to others. For instance, a good tracking tools  to check website traffic will not only tell you the number of daily visitors that your website gets, as well as the number of overall visitors that have accessed your page and other stats, but it will also give you an idea of the locations of the people who have been visiting these pages, hence making it easier for you to get an idea of where your page is most popular. These are important statistics that can help the web master in shaping up the content that they share on their website, providing them with a clear idea of what the visitors are looking for.
So, if you are looking for some of the best tools to check website traffic in order to track the number of visitors on your page. Here are few

Tools to Check Website Traffic

Tools to Check Website Traffic

Google Analytics

A statistics tool created by the internet giants themselves, Google Analytics is comprehensive, effective, and powerful. For people who are looking to get a detailed look on all of the statistics of their page, Google Analytics is by far the best tools to check website traffic. It provides you with the location of the most visitors that logon to your site, the current number of users that are logged on, as well as a host of other things. The most important thing about using Google Analytics is that it is free, and can provide you with a lot of detail about your website. A lot of people across the globe make use of Google Analytics as their favored program for obtaining statistics, though there are certainly alternatives.


Clicky is regarded as the most simple to use service tools to check website traffic on the web. It is by no means as deep and comprehensive as Google Analytics, but it can be much quicker to use, and is ideally suited to those who are only looking for basic information. It’s also a good way of introducing yourself to how SEO traffic works.

Open Web Analytics

Another tools to check website traffic is Open Web Analytics. This is a piece of software rather than a browser-based solution. It is very similar to Google Analytics, but remains popular because it is self hosted and open source.


This is a very interesting tools to check website traffic, because it looks at things in a slightly different way to other visitor tracking tools. It allows a webmaster to track and learn about individual visitors; finding out why some are more valuable than others, and how this relates to conversions. It is one of the more expensive tools, but it is becoming increasingly popular.