Can you Make Money Online by Writing a Blog?


Are you planning to create a blog in order to make some more money? If yes, then you may be elated to know that blogging is considered to be a profitable way to make money online. You can open an account in and start writing in order to make some extra money.

Make Money Online by Writing a Blog

Here are a few effective ways to make money online by blogging:

1. Prepare a List

You need to prepare a list of topics you’re interested to write. You can also pen down your personal experience as well as knowledge on your blog.

2. Choose Popular Topics

Make sure you survey regarding the topics that are popular among the web audience. Try to write on topics that people find interesting to read. Therefore, you can start a blog cooking or zodiac signs, which can help to attract visitors in your blog. You can use Google’s keyword tool in order to assess the number of people search for those particular topics each month.

3. Unique Content

Once your blog is ready and you have uploaded unique and informative content, you can try to find different ways to earn money from the blog. You can open an account with Google adsense in order to place the link in your blog to make some more money.

4. Quality Content With Keyword Density

Make sure you provide unique and quality content in order to draw traffic to your website. Try to upload right keyword density content in your blog. You may make the content spam if you stuff more than 6%-8% keywords in your content. In order to make the visitors stay on your webpage for a longer time, you need to provide informative articles. If these articles on your blog are not beneficial for the reader, then they won’t stay on your blog for long.

Therefore, you need to keep the above mentioned points in mind when you’re planning to make money online by writing a blog.

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