Choosing the Best Web Hosting Services in 2013


Do you feel that you don’t need to waste time searching for the ‘best’ web hosting service because they are all the same and offer the same service? Or perhaps you make your decision based on the cost of the service that you are going to get? Whatever the case, here are the three most important things for choosing the best web hosting services should consist of.

Choosing the Best Web Hosting Services

Choosing the Best Web Hosting Services


The first and perhaps most critical thing is while choosing the best web hosting services is uptime, and any web hosting service has to have an uptime of 99.99%. It would be a bit skeptical of any web host service that guarantees 100% uptime as it is unrealistic and next to impossible. 99.99% uptime means that in a span of 3 months, your website will be down for around 10 minutes or so, and it will be because the data center where your web pages and files are stored is undergoing a routine maintenance and perhaps the server is being reset. It is very important that your website down time be very little.


The second most important thing in choosing the best web hosting services that you should look at is a company’s support. Computers and not human being and when dealing with them, there is bound to be problems as nothing always work out well as planned all the time. As such, when choosing the best web hosting services that when you contact their customer service at whatever time of day or night, they will be ready with a solution. Well, you wouldn’t want to find about how good or bad their customer service is when you are in deep problem now would you?

You should therefore do your research while choosing the best web hosting services to find out what their current clients are saying about them. You should also find out how people contact them — do they have a live chat support agent, a 24/7 toll free number, or email support? The best web hosting service providers in the market will have various ways in which their clients can contact them in case any problem arises.


The last determinant of quality of service and the best web hosting service provider is the price of the service. This is one of the important thing on choosing the best web hosting services. Simply put, you would rather pay a high amount for the service than pay less and have reliability and support compromised. It can really cost you a lot, say when the server is down a whole weekend and the customer service is not reachable, or is not responding promptly to your calls. Perhaps a client who wanted to buy something worth $1000 from your website that weekend but because you were not available, the money went to your competitors.

Think wisely and weigh all the pros and cons before choosing the best web hosting services and you pay for any service.

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