Cloud Storage – The Changing Trends


The latest change in the trend of storing and maintaining our data and information has helped the concept of cloud storage to bloom. Cloud storage in becoming increasingly popular not only for personal use but for official documents and files also. A lot of professionals in the corporate world also vouch for its safety and its backup facility.Cloud storage is available for both enterprise data storage as well as for individual customer’s data storage. In today’s time where everything is technologically driven, owing to our fast paced routines cloud storage brings convenience and ease to our data storage. It is hassle free, simple and safe. Let’s dig in deep and find out some more about this interesting phenomenon.

How they Work

It is very easy to understand how this virtual storage of information or data takes place. The easiest way to define it is that it is a model where all the information is stored and maintained remotely and is provided or shared with its owners (users) the medium of internet. The data is stored in an array of logical pools. Physically it is stored on huge servers and they are owned and managed by the host company. The company assigns a specific amount of data space to a certain client. This space can vary according to how much the client needs or has paid for. After the space has been allocated, the client can start storing his data and is allowed to access or retrieve his data whenever or where ever he requires it.

Top Ten Cloud Storage Providers

There are many cloud storage providers springing up after the increasing trend and success of the cloud storage host companies. Some of the most trusted and popular providers are listed as follows: (The list is compiled in order of ranking, from best to least)

  1. Drop Box
  2. Google Drive
  3. One Drive
  4. Box
  5. icloud
  6. Sky Drive
  7. Amazon Cloud Drive
  8. Spider Oak
  9. Media Fire
  10. Mega

All these providers offer more or less the same options. Some are dedicated to enterprises, while others cater to individual users and some cater to bothaudiences. The minor differences in each of them include the price, storage space, file sharing and sync options, video and picture storing and sharing etc. To put it in a nut shell, the competition amongst these competitors is stiff and the users need to read their specifications before subscribing to any of these.


The winner in our list is the Drop Box, and it wins by a large margin. Though the all of the above mentioned prove to be adequate, some will eventually rise to the top of the table. Some have less storage space while other is only good for sharing a particular kind of data. So let’s see why Drop Box wins in our list.

  • It allows you to share and store almost all file formats, from simple documents to movies and pictures.
  • It is free. You get a 2GB free storage space. You can get it expanded later.
  • It is very easy, simple and convenient to use, which makes it stand out amongst its competitors.
  • You can sync your other devices with your drop box for easy accessibility. You can also download the mobile app and download your required files form your drop box to directly to your phone.

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