Did eBay just prove that Paid Search Ads Don’t Work?


Recently one of the business review person raise question to the marketer, do you have the paid search ads even work? But, paid search advertising has outweighed the benefits to company with the support of eBay. A lot of companies can give the listing for both the organic and paid result through the Google search engine result. The eBay has only generated the organic search results through the articles and support of retailers. So eliminate the paid search and going to yield the similar results with the support of eBay like business resource.

Key factors from eBay experiment:

Paid search Ads Dont WorkOnly you can really understand your business and promote your brand name with the support of Google Ad Words to select the keywords related to your business. As with the organic search result, Google Ad Words are very useful an algorithm design to deliver the information to Google search engine because it is universal accessible and very useful to everyone. Google consider not only the content and consider the essential things are caters to the business such as size, shapes and geographies. Afterwards, you should relying on the company software and understand the economic level of your business. Based on your status should prepare the proper plan to reach the target resource. How to use the Ad Words for business requirements? You can test and analyze the most important factors related to the search engine finally; you can get the right view of information related to the selection of keywords. When you are evaluating the impact of paid search on your advertising and should consider the following factors such as business economic and attribution. You need to know your economic status of your business and your brands due to the reason of conversion rate of generating the leads and sales. You should raise the question related to your business development and set the proper parameters based on your business category, and then only you can get the best resources and find out the targeted customers.

The attribution is another common challenge will associate the Google Ad Words and you should analyze the factors based on the conversion rate of your business model that may help you for generating the leads and longer way to sales. This is the essential factors to optimize the website for the bottom of the funnel. The Google analytical result has considered only depends on the session and ignore all other factors related to the search engine. For example, person can perform the transaction through online process, if they complete the process analytical result shows higher rate of conversion depends on the transaction.

Not all keywords are created equal

Not all keywords are created equal; means don’t give more importance to all set of keywords because that shows lower level of conversion. Specially, you should select the keywords and give more preference to the selected keywords as well as perform all set of activities. The selections of keyword, Google Ad Words are given more effective usage because it is an essential to the dynamic search and real time auction. Afterwards, you should place your keywords to the search advertising campaign with the support of effective PPC campaign management. So you have to be organized your campaign around the different set of keywords and quickly you will see the different keyword set as well as get the behave very differently on the Google results.

Search engine ad click behaviourThe eBay was not build in a day because of the result drawn from the final conclusion based on the ability to step away entirely from the paid search result, but it’s a very dangerous for other business without recognition of same brand. The reason to walk away from pay per click with has a little impact on their business due to the eBay activities. But, eBay has little to gaining from the use of paid search that generate the additional business from an enthusiast. It’s safe to say the eBay, but should avoid the collectors and sellers on a regular basis to make the transaction. Where paid search still make the sense for your business and some of the following factors are helps the ranking for difficult keywords, getting lift from search engine optimization and pay per click combination, defining the prospects journey of your website and defining your brand name.

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