Every Blogger Should Be Aware Of These 6 Different Post Styles


It is the dream of every blogger to become popular in the shortest span possible. For achieving this goal, Every Blogger Should Be Aware Of These 6 Different Post Styles. Read on to learn what all they are:

6 Different blog Post Styles for Bloggers

#1 Posts with bulleted lists

No matter how useful your blog post is, the posts that have only paragraphs seem bulky. People will read the introduction and then, will look for important tips/methods/ways etc. but they will be lost. The numerous paragraphs will make them believe that they will now have to spend hours to read the entire post. Of course, they will leave the blog in a hurry.

On the other hand, if you provide a subheading for each tip/method/way with a bullet, your post will become many times more inviting for the reader.

#2 Long posts with in-depth information

It may seem illogical but even long posts are appreciated by the internet users. People, who wish to gain profound knowledge about something, do not mind spending some time to read long posts. Such readers detest short posts because of the incomplete information they provide.

On the other hand, when they find blog posts that answer their every query, these readers become loyal visitors of the blog. They also post comments, and recommend the blog to their friends.

Writing a long blog requires thorough knowledge about the subject. You will have to do research and gather a good amount of information before writing the post. Incomplete information that contains inaccuracies will only result in a bad post. The readers will not only dislike it but also avoid visiting the blog altogether.

#3 Regular blog posting

Posting regularly is important. Do not expect that your readers will be content with just a single fabulous post. If you write interesting posts, people will become even more demanding. They will visit your blog in search for fresh content.

It is true that developing blog content regularly is hectic. However, by accessing daily news regarding your industry, you will find interesting subject matter on which you can write. In fact, by discussing on recent developments, you can convey to your readers that you are an expert. Next time, whenever there is breaking news, they will rush to your blog for getting more information.

#4 Posts featuring a different point of view

In your industry, there must be certain viewpoints with which you do not agree. You may have had a bad experience after following a popular marketing method. You can enlighten other marketers by sharing your horrifying experience. Create a post where you put forward your point of view. It will encourage the readers to comment.

When you are hurt, it is natural for you to become angry. Hence, do not hesitate to vent out your anger. You may find many comments disagreeing with yours. Do not ignore these comments. Rather, respond to them. It will make people realize that you are listening to them. In this way, your blog post will surely become the center of the storm. You can use the dissenting voices as the foundation for your other posts.

#5 Posts with images and captions

Most internet users are smart readers. They do not choose to read the blog posts thoroughly right away. They start by throwing a quick glance at the contents of the blog. They scroll down hastily for getting hold of the message that the post is trying to deliver. If they do not find anything worth their time, they leave. They may not bother to give the writing and the writer another chance.

Hence, in order to get hold of such readers, images with captions play a positive role. The images should clearly convey the message of the post. The captions should re-establish the message. You will find a host of free images online that you can use for your posts. In case, you wish to put unique images, then you can also purchase them on the web.

#6 Blog series: many interesting posts in succession

When you have a topic for which squeezing all information in just one post does a grave injustice to it, you should break the topic into multiple posts and make a series. Remember to post in short intervals like every alternate day. It will keep the reader interested and motivate him to come back. He may also opt for the RSS feed in order to remain updated regarding the next post.

Blog series always presents an excellent opportunity for the blogger to deepen his relationship with the reader. The reader posts suggestions in the comments box and even ask questions. You should answer their questions and promise to adopt the suggestions in your subsequent posts. Definitely, the reader will be back to check out your next post.

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