H’andy Sana 210


Handy sana210Handy Sana 210 reads your heart rhythm when you press your finger tips to each of its sensor. It sends electricity through your body, when your heart moves. The device uses the same electric sensor as an ECG to record your pulse through your finger tips. It passes through two barriers to cancel interference caused by tiny movements in your arms and shoulders, After three sensors under the phone’s frame pick up the signal from your fingers. A filter sits above the citcuit board to deflect sound frequencies higher than the heart’s approximate 150 hertz. This extracts the rhythm by the algorithm which is run by the phone’s processor. This transulates into a single EC wave, which you can text-message to your personal physician.

Handy Sana 210 needs only 3 seconds to measure heart rhythm which you can send it to a doctor.

Price: RS. 38904

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