How Do You Use Facetime App


How do you use facetime, is a question many have asked. Facetime is a downloadable app from apple that allows apple users to communicate with each other through video talk.

It can be used on the iPhone, iPod touch, ipad 2, iphone4, mac pc etc. It is a picture in picture view that can be set up using an apple ID and an email address.

Facetime App from Apple

Facetime Download:
The first step to get facetime is to go to apples app store and download the FACETIME APP. Install it onto your phone or device.

The next step is to go to your contact list and pull up a number call the number or enter the email address and the person you are calling will receive a pop up screen that ask them if they want to video chat with you and if they say yes you can see their face and they can see your face.

The chatting set up is up and running, it is that simple.

User Guide:
How do you use facetime has been answered here. The facetime app allows the user to use their phone or device camera as a rear view camera as well as direct face to face.

The viewer can look at their chat buddies surroundings and background. Once the chat session is over the user can hang up as usual or press the facetime app button to end the call.

This app is a wonderful way to have a video chat and visit with family and friends that live far away.

Download the app and install it to the phone, or the computer and you are ready to chat with friends and family.

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