How to Choose the Right Blog for Your Content


Every marketer worth his salt knows that content marketing is the go-to method of promotion in 2013.

Creating quality content in the form of a guest blog post has become one of the most common internet marketing methods. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy. In fact, Google’s algorithm changes – and scaremongering in the online marketing community – have meant that finding a blog for your content is more challenging than ever.

Guest blogging used to be like being in the ‘popular’ gang at high school.

You had to work your way in with all the ‘cool’ bloggers with flattery and making friends before they would consider your content. Now, a whole host of low quality blogs – essentially glorified article directories – are advertising for guest posts. This makes it more difficult for you to find a quality blog, for your quality content.

Here, we share our top guest blogging tips on how to choose the right blog for your content:

Guest Blogging Tips

1. Check the stats

When looking at a potential host for your post, you should check out its basic stats.

Firstly, is the blog indexed by Google? You can find this out quickly enough by searching []. If the site isn’t indexed, proceed with caution. This could be because the site is newly launched, or it could be the result of a Google penalty.

If the blog is indexed, you should check out its MozRank and Google PageRank. While basing your guest blogging choices on PR alone isn’t advisable, these figures can tell you a lot about a blog or webpage.

Finally, check the age of the domain and see how frequently the site is updated with content. If nothing has been posted for a very long time, chances are it is an inactive website.

2. Check their community

Next up, you should see what kind of community the blog has.

Do people regularly leave comments? What is the quality of these comments and are they moderated? What about social media activity? Do posts get a number of social media shares, and is the blogger active on Twitter and Facebook?

Blogs with a large community tend to be of a much higher quality, and are more valuable hosts for your content. A large number of social media shares is a great sign, as it will increase the reach and authority of your content.

3. Inspect the quality of the content

Does the blog feature a lot of guest posts? Do they also publish their own content? More importantly though, what is the quality of the content published?

If you can tell straight away that the blogger isn’t particularly concerned with the level of content – for example; you can point out spelling mistakes, spun content, and poor quality English – you should perhaps consider publishing your work elsewhere.

You should always trust your gut instinct at this stage. If something doesn’t look or feel right, it probably isn’t.

4. Is it relevant?

When choosing the right blog for your guest post, one of the most important things to consider is how relevant the blog is to your niche.

This may seem obvious, but many bloggers can forget finding a relevant home in the bid to get a link. Ask yourself:

Will the audience of this blog be interested in my content?

What can I add to the existing discussions on the blog?

Can I bring a new angle, whilst still being relevant?

Does my link have any relevancy?

Are the readers of my post likely to click my link, and convert?

If you can answer all these questions positively, it might be time to get writing.

5. Think outside the box

Finally, think and look outside the box when trying to find a blog for your gust post. In short; don’t just rely on Google.

There are a number of guest blogging services you can use such as MyBlogGuest and Blogger Link Up to help you find opportunities. Copyblogger also outlined some great tips for finding alternative guest blogging opportunities, here.

Finding the right blog for your content when guest blogging is highly important; it helps you build your brand, network with other bloggers and drive relevant traffic to your website. By following the tips outlined here, you are sure to have more success.

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