How to Choose the Right ISP Package for You


Having known that internet is now a necessity among people of all ages, internet service provider are coming up with ways on how to lure customer to prefer them as their company of choice. The fast growing industry of internet service has paved the way to a more competitive environment which is greatly advantageous for local consumers.

The total world internet usage has grown to 480.40% in 2011 which goes to show that a lot of people are now connected on cyberspace. May it be checking of emails, chat, social networking or shopping, internet has now became a staple in our everyday lives. Since this is now a growing trend it is best to know how to choose the best ISP service that is right for you. There are few key elements that a consumer needs to look for in an internet service provider to ensure that the packages that they offer are worth every penny that consumers pay.

To Bundle or Not to Bundle

There are ISPs who offer bundle package which includes phone lines, internet and mobile service into one. There is an upside and a downside for this type of service. If you think that your service provider is a reliable and efficient supplier then getting these offers bundled up would be cost effective for you. But oftentimes service provider tends to be good at one service and ends up bad on the other and there might be a chance that after a few months you want to change provider. If this is the case, it would be hard for you to switch to another service provider as you are already bounded with a lock out period for the bundle.

Customer Support

Customer support is a vital factor in choosing a plan from an ISP. Always make sure that the Package that you are getting includes customer support so as just in case you are having problems with your connection, it would be much easier to contact them. Check if their customer service is available 24 by 7. You would never know when the issue might arise. It could be at the middle of the night or even during holiday.


It does not mean that you need faster internet connection then you would be charged highly for that. Know first what your internet usage demographics are. There are service providers who charge less during off peak and there are also ISP’s that provide flat rates. Know what you often access on the web and see which package suits your needs so that you can obtain a cheap internet service.


Bandwidth size also matter if you are a big fan of movies, music or online games. This type of online usage eats up large amount of bandwidth which would greatly affect the speed of your connection. Always remember that higher bandwidth equals faster internet connection but also it is much expensive. Think of what services you need and talk to your ISP on what is the best package available for this usage.

Time and Contract

Holiday season and off peak seasons have special treats so if you still have the patience and the time to wait till there are discounted package or special trial period, then it would be nice to do so. With this, you can have the chance to experience the service first before you can decide in pursuing to open an account with a service provider. You can also check the agreement for ISP that can present a shorter contract period so that if you are not satisfied with your current ISP, it would not take a long time for you to change to another.

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