How to Create a Blog/Website


In recent days many of them often think to start a blog or website to give to valuable information or to earn from the blog. so the first question comes into their mind is how to create a blog or website. Here are Step by step instructions on how to create a blog and then go on to make a money online.

How To Create a Blog

How To Create a Blog

Step 1: Decide What You Want To Blog About
Most of them start a blog by researching what is popular now, without the knowledge in that topic. Finally they will end up with, it will not work. So Don’t blog about anything. Decide what you want to blog i.e choose the topic in which you are passionate about. So that you will work with interest.

Step 2: Get Your Domain Name
Now you know what your blog is about so choose the domain in that name or something related to it.

For Example:
If you blog is about training the dog, then choose your domain name as or something like that.

Step 3: Buy Web hosting for your blog
A good blog or a website needs a good web host. A web hosting is the place where all our content, blog software, images, videos and data is going to reside.

I ran many blogs and website so i have my sites in different hosting companies which is more secure, gives very good support and a quick response when we have a problem with our hosting.

Here are top ten web hosting companies that am using personally and recommend for you too.

Step 4: Install Blog Software

When it comes to installing the blog software, WordPress is the most popular blogging software used by many of them.

Login to your Cpanel. You can find the link in the email you have received from the web hosting company. If you cannot find the link, then you can find your Cpanel at

Click on the fantastico De Luxe button under Software / Services.

Once you click on it you can see new screen with a bunch of software then click on the button that says WordPress.

Click on New Installation

Fill in the boxes:-
Install in Directory – Leave blank
Admin Access Data – Admin Username – Type admin and enter a password.
Base Configuration – Admin Nickname – admin
Admin email – your email address
Site name – What you are going to call your blog.
Description – What you are going to call your blog again.
Click on install WordPress and on the next page click on Finish Installation.

Once installation is complete you are now ready to start adding content to your new Blog! The following steps are completely optional, but highly recommended.

To sign in to your wordpress Admin area use the link

Step 5: Add a Theme for You Blog
There are many free theme. Choose the theme that suits your blog topic.

Alternatively, There are some more elegant and professional WordPress Premium Themes that you can buy. In this WordPress Premium themes you will have more features and can update every part of the theme which you wont get and cant do in a free themes.

Once you’ve find your theme, just download it to upload in your blog.

Look for the themes folder. You can find it at wordpress -> wp-content -> themes with File Manager in Cpanel

Once you find the public_html/wp-content/themes click upload file to upload your theme.

when you uploaded the file, click on a theme filename and then click on “Extract File Contents”

Now you can login to your wordpress click on Appearance -> theme where you can see the thumbnail of your theme.

Step 6: Customize Your Blog

Customize your blog in the way how you want you blog to look. Blog design also plays a vital role. If your blog has improper design visitors will leave your blog soon and you wont get the revisits. So design your blog more attractively.

Step 7: Start Blogging

Add some content to your blog about the topics you have choosen. Create a About Us page to tell your visitor who are you and what your blog is about.

Now, would you like to:

Always have some improvement in your blog.
Design your blog more clearly in the way its understandable.
Increase traffic to your blog
Increase comments on your blog
Earn money with your blog

So above are 7 important steps to create a blog.

Have a great blogging. 🙂

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