How To Earn Money From Your Blog


Do you want to earn money from your blog? Don’t expect the things to be done soon. If you believe that you can earn money from your blog and decide to generate income through your blog, fully commit to it. Don’t do the work as half minded or just for try. Do it with intensively believing that you can make money from your blog.

How to Earn money from your blog

How to Earn money from your blog

There are several ways to earn money from your blog on the web.
1. Google Adsense
Create a google adsense account, It have various shapes and sizes, choose the size of the ad that want to display on your blog or website. Get the ad code and place those codes on your website.

2. Sell Advertising Space
This will work in huge manner if your site have huge traffic whereas it wont work with the website with low trafic and page rank. When it comes to selling ad space, you will have a few different options. You can choose between text ads, banner ads, and image ads.

3. Text Links Ads
As same as selling adspace you can sell text link ads. Google will penalize the site that selling text link ads without the nofollow tag.

4. Sell your own Products/Service
If your have a product or service that you want to sell, even you can do it with your blog and earn money. So you can sell the product and accept the payment via paypal.
5. Promote Affiliate Product/Service
If you dont have your own product, you can promote or sell the product as affiliate. Find some genuine affiliate program and join with lucrative and timely payments. It is better to sell the affiliate product, if you dont have the product/service.

6. Post Paid Reviews
The another way of make money from your blog is to join “Pay Per Post” prgram. This will allow to post something positive about the product in exchange for monetary compensation.

7. Premium Membership
Here you can make some membersip area in your blog. Normal visitors will see your usual post and content whereas the people who are in membership area can have some exclusive report, coupons, engaing in forums discussions, etc..

8. Sponsorship
You can also make money from your blog by the sponsers. If your website have an event or some contest you can look for the sponsors who could agree to provide a free prize for your contest in exchange for being mentioned on your blog in the days leading up to the contest.

Even you can have a sponsors for long term who pays monthly for you to promoting thier product and banners on your site.

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