How to get the most out of your HD TV


So, you’ve just got back from the shop with your brand new £500 HD TV. Woohoo! Look at you with your fancy new piece of technology. Within about 15 minutes you’re all setup watching TV, but I bet you’re just watching standard definition television. If you are, then shame on you. It’s a bit silly to splash that much cash and not reap the full benefits of your new high definition TV. This short but informative guide will give 3 different ways for you to get the most out of your shiny new TV.

HD Channels

Watching a normal TV show on a large HD television can sometimes look worse than it would on your old standard TV. Depending on your country, you may have a TV service which is capable of transmitting HD Channels. If you’re in the UK (like me) you have the option of Sky HD, Freesat or Freeview HD. In most cases, you’re new TV will come with Freeview built in but that’s not the same as Freeview HD

To watch HD Channels, you need to have a satellite dish or a good digital aerial. Sky HD is your best option, even though it costs a bit extra, you will be able to access a whole new range of HD channels. Once you have seen your favourite TV show in HD you will start to notice so much more, such as the lady you thought was pretty is actually hideous.

How to get the most out of your HD TV

Blu Ray Player

The highest quality format available to us consumers right now, is Blu-Ray. I won’t go into all the mumbo jumbo about how it works as that bit isn’t important. The important part is how much better the image is. Blu Ray displays an image which is unbelievably crisp and high detailed, the audio is much better too.
You can pick up a half decent Blu-Ray player for as little as £40! Once you have purchased your new Blu-Ray player, make sure you pick up an animation film on Blu-Ray as they are the best types of film to watch.

Wall Mounting

6 or 7 years ago having your TV mounted up on the wall was just a ridiculous idea as the TV’s back then were massive. But now, with TV’s weighing next to nothing and looking slimmer than a model, having them wall mounted is easy. Putting your TV on the wall benefits you in a few ways:

  • Takes up less floor space
  • Better viewing angle
  • Looks nice
  • Dog won’t be able to chew it

When you’re looking for your new wall mount bracket, it’s important not to be tight with your money as you don’t want it falling off the wall within five minutes. For TV’s up to 37” you’re looking to spend around £40 and for sizes over 37” you’re looking at around £70.

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