How to Optimise Your Website without Sacrificing Creative Graphics


A good website needs to be fast, responsive, as well as easy to navigate. It must also have well balanced copy, supported by good quality, high value graphics. A website loaded down with cumbersome code and hindered with over-sized graphics can be slow to react and at times can even come to a grinding halt.

To make sure your website performs at its optimum level, there are a number of things you can do. Below we will look at some ways in which you can streamline your website without compromising the appearance or functionality.

Use a Testing Service

There are some very good services for website performance monitoring, as well as website load testing. A performance test will measure the speed of your site from the user end, and keep you informed of its operational running rate during normal usage, whilst the load testing can simulate heavy traffic. Both of these services can help you to identify under performance and target areas that need to be improved.

Optimizing Your Graphics

To help with the loading speed and performance of your website, your graphics should be optimized for the Web. This generally means downsizing the images whilst retaining the original pixel density and quality. With the ever increasing quality of high-resolution screens on tablets and mobiles, a website needs fast loading, high quality images that can be enlarged without losing definition.

Streamline your Coding

How to Optimise Your Website without Sacrificing Creative Graphics

Streamlining your functional and structural coding on your website can significantly increase its operational speed. A lot of websites have over complex coding that can slow down loading and affect the overall performance of the platform. Finely tuning code is generally a job for your website developer, as it does require a good working knowledge of both HTML and CSScoding.

Check Your Hosting Service

A good hosting service is vital for optimum performance of any website. Some hosting services may oversell space leading to slower loading and operational speed. It’s a good idea to check your hosting service speed and shop around if it seems in any way speed restrictive.

Make Sure Your Website Build Adheres to Web Standards

It is important, that your website has been designed and built to the Web Standards, this will improve the speed across the browsers and also enhance the usability for your audience. If your website has not been built to the Web Standard you may have an under performing site. It is worth checking with your developer to make sure.

Regular Maintenance and Analysis Check Ups

Like anything, a website needs maintenance and regular analysis to keep it running at its optimum performance. This can be easily done, by having your developer or an independent service checks and tests your site once a month.

The website will be checked for any irregularities in the coding and to make sure your CMS is up to date. This can speed up your platform for your audience, and can also help you to stay on top of any security weaknesses or possible breaches.

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