How to Turn Your Blog to Make Money


We all want to make money for a job we can do in our pajamas, and blogging is one way we can make money whilst sitting at home. Sadly however, the money you may earn from your blog is not going to translate into a living wage. It can however become a nice little monthly treat when a few extra dollars are deposited into your bank as a result of your work on your blog. Here are a few ways on how to turn your blog into money maker.

Install affiliate adverts

This is an easy way to start earning money on your blog. Sadly however it does not produce a lot of money. Affiliate adverts will probably only generate a few cents per month, but on the other hand if you are blogging for the pleasure of it, or to learn more about a subject–then affiliate advert payments may be a nice little treat every now and again.

Review the products of your affiliate adverts

If you would like to boost the earnings of your affiliate adverts then you should adjust your blogs content so suit the things your adverts sell. This is going to mean that you will have to find a way of figuring out what adverts are going to run on your blog posts. Once you know this–you will be able to create your blog content to suit your adverts. Reviews are the quickest way of doing this because potential buyers are always going to look for reviews on the items they wish to buy. Your blog could provide those reviews and then provide affiliate adverts as a means of purchasing those goods.

How to turn your blog into money maker


Install your own adverts that link to your ecommerce site

Never mind installing links and adverts for the benefit of other people. Install links and adverts that link to your own ecommerce website. Enjoy the SEO benefits of your blog whilst driving direct traffic to your products.

Target the potential consumers of your linked ecommerce site

In the same way that you would review your affiliate advert product, you may review the products that you sell. The great thing is that you can be more honest about your own products because you know them more intimately. You can also be honest in saying how your economy versions are not nearly as good as your premium quality goods. At the bottom of that review, you could show adverts for both your premium goods and economy goods.

Ask for donations for your blog posts

Some people may be willing to donate a few dollars to you via a PayPal donate system if you are giving them usable and useful information. There are people out there who have problems that they just cannot find information for and solutions to. There are people who would pay anything for certain snippets of information, and after hours of searching online for a solution, your website pops up with the answer. During the euphoria that comes from finally finding an answer, the user sees a donate widget. If your website provides genuinely good information then there is no reason why the user would not donate a little money to you as a way of saying thank you. Some problems are hard to research online.

For example, you should try Google searching “2nd Tier affiliate programs” or try searching for the solution to a problem you have in your C programming (not C++). You will soon find that you hit a brick wall, and will discover that when you do find the website with an answer, you become overwhelmingly grateful.

Become a sponsored blog

There are online companies out there who are looking for people to blog for them. They do not have the time, will or patience to blog for themselves; however, they would like to enjoy the good press, the good PR, the good online reputation, the increased traffic and the SEO benefits that come with a blog. These are the same arguments you can use to sell the idea of a sponsored blog to your potential sponsors.

The hardest part is finding a company that provides you with adequate compensation for your efforts. However, when you do find one you will be able to earn money for your blog. This has to be better than blogging for free. The traffic numbers and your PageRank may affect your potential pay rate, which is why you should negotiate at deal that says if you gain more traffic and a high PageRank; the online company should pay you a higher rate for your blog posts.

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