Installation Setup Guide for iTunes on UBuntu


Like many popular software options, iTunes is only available for Windows and Mac users.
With a little additional software, however, Ubuntu users can also enjoy the popular music application.
Follow these easy instructions to install iTunes on Ubuntu.

Setup Guide for iTunes

Step 1: Install WINE
To install iTunes on Ubuntu, one must first install the the Windows compatibility layer known as WINE. This program is not an emulator.
Rather, WINE works as an intermediary between the operating system and the software, allowing them to communicate with one another.
Detailed instructions on how to install WINE can be found on the developers website. The easiest method for installing WINE, however, is through the Ubuntu Software Center.

Step 2: Download iTunes
When WINE is installed, the next step is to get the right iTUNES INSTALLER setup.exe. You can download the setup file for different operating systems.
Be sure to save it somewhere easy to find, such as the Downloads directory or on the Desktop.

Step 3: Install iTunes
Open the folder where the iTunes executable is saved. It should have a name like iTunesSetup.exe.
The icon should have a little wine glass emblem, indicating that it is a Windows program and will require WINE to run.
Right-clicking the executable and choosing “Open with Wine Windows Program Loader” will start the installation wizard. Follow the instructions to complete the installation.

And that is how you install iTunes on Ubuntu.

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