IOS 7: World’s Most Advanced Mobile OS Yet


Apple is known to create amazing and advanced technology that gives a new dimension to the world of technology. The OS of Apple MacBook is different from the OS of iPhone, iPod, and iPad which is the iOS. The first iOS was announced and released in the month of June 2007. From then on, Apple has worked hard to improve the OS into something so advance; people won’t even be able to imagine it possible. The latest iOS of Apple is the iOS 7. It has an all-new design and features that will take you to a whole new level.

The iOS 7 is designed to look beautifully. Its main purpose is to work much simpler and more enjoyable for every user. It is designed to work in the most convenient way possible. Redesigning the way the iOS works leads to redesigning to how it looks.

The new iOS 7 offers a simple display but still not removing the things that you need in a way that you can access them easily and immediately. Its simplicity does not show the common image of the word simple which is showing minimal things on display rather placing the apps and icons in the right place, right when you need them. The iOS 7 is all about maintaining its easy display but designing it in a whole new way that even if it is your first time using it, you still won’t have a hard time learning it. That is simplicity. It is a pure representation of simplicity because not everything is removed and redesigned in display, just the unnecessary bars and buttons that makes the interface seeming in a way crowded. This new OS brings clarity to the entire experience of using the iPhone OS.

With iOS 7, not everything is put in the system just because it is possible. What the user needs most is what is offered in just a simple swipe of the finger. A good design is seen when the user knows how to use it. It only adds features that you access often and the ones that are truly useful.

It takes something millions of people already love and refine it in a way that makes it more effortless and useful. This new iOS lets you work in a way that seem very familiar so that you do not need to relearn everything, only now it makes more use of the display and the display underneath your screen but in an exactly the same way.

The simple details of the new iOS make it a lot different but still familiar. The details are the little things that create delight. The effect is sometimes unperceived, but it is always there, adding up to a consistent experience. Every detail warranted the same rigor toward design. Like redrawing the icons and changing the color of the background. These may not be the details you demand or even pay attention to but they all work so well together that they create a harmonious relationship between individual elements.

IOS 7 is advanced in many aspects and improved in many ways like the control center, multitasking, camera, photos, airdrop, safari, siri, notification center, iTunes radio, and more. It may seem a lot different but when you use it. It has only few changes that don’t seem important but when working together, you will see the synchronization of every new detail that was added. So even though the physical appearance may look different, it is still familiar from day one, you will not have a hard time learning the new and improved iOS. With the new iOS, you are capable of great things with just a simple gesture of your finger.

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