iPhone 5S Rumors: The Best of the Best


So it’s that time of the year again… the one when we all have that iconic fruit named brand on our minds; the Apple flagship device the iPhone 5S. The iPhone 5S is to be released soon and the fans and critics are already churning out all sorts of wish lists and predictions. The iPhone 5 was not much of a critical hit but managed to be a smash with Apple users nonetheless. Whether the next installment of the phone is a true success or not is again yet to be seen but that only makes the rumors get better and better. Here are some of the truly ‘wish come true’ rumors that may get even the Android diehard fans to take a plunge to the enemy sidelines and try out the new handset- -if only to see how it differs from previous sets and critique it anyway!

iPhone 5S rumors and Review

1. A new iOS

Yes we will not just have a new handset but we will also have a new operating system to go along with it. Getting a bit predictable? Well perhaps but who doesn’t get excited over a brand spanking new OS? The iOS 7 is supposedly set to debut somewhere in September or October. So far we have heard that there will be a major design change from previous versions and a ‘flat appearance’ might be coming our way, something resembling Microsoft’s Metro design language.

2. Display

So as the display sizes continue rocking the smartphone user market, the iPhone 6 will be coming out with a real whopper apparently; a super HD screen display and camera. According to the China Times, ‘Touch on Display’ panels by Innolux with 10 point multi touch and .5 mm thickness may head our way. Also, the rumors are that it would have a Retina+ Sharp IGZO display with a full 1080p Full HD resolution. To make matters more interesting, Apple might be releasing two different handset size options to give Android a run for its money.

3. Camera

The initial rumors about the new handset were that there would be a better camera and a larger flash at the back of the set if nothing else. To be honest this wasn’t anything to get excited about as other handsets have really managed to set the bar for camera (remember Nokia PureView?) and Apple would definitely not be doing anything groundbreaking. However, some new rumors are that the new phone will come with 13 megapixel back camera.

4. iPhone 5S NFC

The NFC rumor mill seems to incorporate itself with every big up and coming handset that is to release. For some years people have mused that Apple will come up with NFC in their phone s but to no avail. However, they did manage to incorporate Passbook into the iOS 6 in order to give a taste of NFC like features. According to the China Times, notorious for wrong information, the 5S will have NFC in addition to a fingerprint scanner (goodbye to unwanted iPhone spy installations?). If true, this could be a real treat.

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