Learn About the Different Types of Computer Cables


Choosing the right cables for the different components of your computer is of the essence, for better performance and overall longevity of the system. Confusion regarding the different types of computer cables can result in lengthy system downtimes, as well as serious electrical fires. A brief overview of the various computer cables would be, hence, in order.

Computers have fast become a practically inseparable part of our daily lives. Be it a few hours of casual browsing, gathering some information on the net, or working on something at office – the utility of computers is evident pretty much in every field. As such, it makes sense that users should have at least some knowledge about the different types of computer cables, which are used to keep the appliance smoothly operational.

Types of Computer Cables

In this discourse, we would, hence, focus on the various computer cable varieties:

  • Computer power cables – These are the most basic cables, which are used to connect the computer with the external source of power. Make sure that this cable is of optimal quality, so that you do not have to face any hassles while switching on your system.
  • VGA cables – These cables are generally used to maintain the connection between the CPU and the monitor/screen of the machine. With a large number of VGA cables being used in any machine, it is advisable to keep them organized and properly labeled, to avoid chances of confusion later. Cable ties, of different colors, can be used to keep the different groups of VGA wires safe and segregated.
  • Computer drive cables – Multiple hardware drives are typically used in a computer. Hence, it is necessary to use sturdy, high-quality cables, to connect the drives (for example, the motherboard) to the main body of the computer. This is precisely what is done with the help of the sophisticated drive cables.
  • USB cables – Over time, computer systems have evolved a great deal. As things stand now, a host of external peripheral devices (like DVD players, iPods, and even digital cameras) can be connected to a computer, for specific purposes. USB cables are used to establish the connection between such peripherals and the computer system. Different types of USB cables are also available, which vary in the number of wires they comprise of, and rates of data transfer they can support.
  • HDMI cables – These technologically advanced cables are typically used to transfer digital files (images, videos, etc.), from external devices to computer monitors that are supported by LCD or LED technology. They facilitate the simultaneous playback of both audio as well as video files. HDMI cables of different dimensions and other functional features are available in the market, so that you have the option of selecting the one(s) you would actually require. You can easily avail of the services of a professional computer expert, to help you out in this regard.
  • SATA cables – For connecting the modern electronic storage devices with the computer, the SATA cables are found to be ideal. They support alternative data transfer speeds, and can also support the alternative types of efficient host bus adapter systems. These cables can be used on both standalone desktop machines, as well as for portable systems.
  • Network cables – If your computer is a part of a large network of systems, you will definitely find some specifically designed network cables, which are used for establishing such connections. Network cables are also used to connect the computer to the World Wide Web, as well as to corporate intranet systems.

The above list should give you a fair idea of the sheer range and volume of wires and cables that are used in a computer system. Take the help of an expert computer assembler to choose safe and efficient cables, use cable ties to keep them organized, and make all your computer operations fast, easy and completely safe!

Author’s Bio: John Smith is a professional computer dealer. He also owns a renowned outlet of electrical wires and cable ties. Over here, he offers an overview of the different types of computer cables.

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