Make Money Online from AdSense through AdWords


If done properly, AdSense can get you loads of money through AdWords. Getting hold of a good AdWords campaign management service can help you a lot in this regard. The following are the points that need to be considered if you wish to Make Money Online from AdSense.

Make Money online from adsense

High Click through Rate

You need to take care that your CTR never drops below 10%. You may be thinking why 10% of all. Well, suppose you have bought traffic from AdWords at 5 cents per click. And, at end of the day, you get around 100 visitors out of which only 10 people click on your AdSense ads. In such a scenario, the payment on those 10 clicks has to be more than $5 so that you can earn profit. In other words, your Earn per Clicks should be at least 0.5 cents.

In order to understand it in detail, here is a calculation:

  • 100 visitors through AdWords
  • CTR of 20%
  • Expenses of 5%
  • Earning of $14 a day
  • Average of $0.70

Traffic from AdWords

Traffic can be easily derived from it. You just need to have your individual account on AdWords. However, its proper management is essential for drawing maximum traffic from minimum investment.

Here are few tips that can help you draw traffic from AdWords:

  • You need to include multiple low paying keywords. You can go to WordTracker, Overtune or any other site you like. You can also get creative and make one for yourself. If you want suggestions for low-paying keywords, you can get several options at Keyword Country database. It can also provide you with a list of high-paying ones.
  • No matter how much traffic you get, 5 cents should be the maximum amount that you pay for AdWords, in the initial stages of marketing. Wait for a week in order to see the average of your profit amount. After seeing the average figure, if you think you can do better, then go ahead with your plan; otherwise, stick to 5 cents.
  • Keep on optimizing your ads unless they reach the highest CTR. Try to incorporate more and more common and general keywords. Including the search keywords in your advertisements makes Google show them in bold when viewed.
  • Incorporate suggestive low priced keywords for improving traffic in your website. This is a risky tip, hence should be used wisely. It can get you double traffic or nothing at all.

High Paying Keywords

These stand at the very heart of the entire system of make money online from adsense through AdWords. You need to make multiple pages on a topic that comprises high paying keywords and then create a link among them. Do not try this on low paying ones as you will possibly end up spending more than what you ultimately earn. Good AdWords campaign management can take care of this.

The more advertisers bid on a keyword, the greater will be its EPC and, of course, the higher will be your profit. High paying keywords do not necessarily denote the ones with higher Cost per Click. You can check out Keyword Country in order to predict your EPC before you decide on your target keywords.
You can get several options in Keyword Country’s Database, which are low in competition but have advertisers paying highly for it. You need not stress too much about traffic because it is AdWords’ job to send it to your site.

Use high paying keywords to target your content: You can do so by:

  • Internal Optimization: This includes Title Text, Meta Tags, internal linking of your site and Content Optimization. Here, you will get to learn how to inject keywords and increase relevancy of advertisements for getting high paying advertisements. Relevancy of CTR and advertisements can be positively impacted by internal optimization.
  • External optimization: This includes pages that give you links, anchor text that are used to link your site and several other variables that search engines use for evaluating the authoritative significance of a page. It brings relevant traffic to your site, thereby allowing you to earn more through CTR.

Getting hold of an efficient AdWords campaign management service provider can help you deal with all the points mentioned above, enabling you to make money online from adsense through adwords.

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