Make Money Online with Sponsored Tweets


Do you have twitter account? Looking to make money online with twitter? Here is an easy way to make money online with sponsored tweets using your twitter account.

Sponsored Tweets is one of the twitter most powerful tool in advertising platform to make money online by connecting both the tweeters and the advertisers. Advertisers are ready to pay Cost Per Tweet (CPT) or Cost Per Click (CPC) basis for the Twitter users by sending their ad tweets. Now you can make money online with Sponsore Tweets by getting a sponsored tweets.

How Does Sponsored Tweets Work?

1. Have a Twitter account.
2. Add more followers
3. Sign up for Sponsored Tweets
4. Advertisers will select the twitter user and make an offer to relevant tweeters.
5. Twitter will write tweets for advertiser’s site and add link to it.
6. Receive payments from Sponsored Tweets through Paypal

Make Money Online with Sponsored Tweets

Here are some tips to make money online with Sponsored Tweets by increasing opportunities of getting sponsored advertisers tweets.

Your Twitter Account Age counts

Before you applying to Sponsored Tweets your Twitter account must be 4 month old that is at-least 120 days in order to make money online with sponsored tweets. If you are new to twitter or you created an account just a month back, wait for some more months to apply for sponsored tweets. Because your twitter account is important for the advertisers in order to filter low value tweeters and spammers.

Make your Twitter Profile Complete

If you have a incomplete twitter profile that running with default background then you can’t expect more advertisers to make money online with sponsored tweets. So always have a complete profile by filling out all the fields with your own photo or custom avatar as well.

Get More Followers

Advertisers will also look for the followers that you have. Because they don’t want he profile or tweeter with less number of followers. You can increase the follower number to make money online with sponsored tweets by simply follow the other users those who are relevant to you and sure they will follow you. You have to follow 2000 or 2500 in order to get 1000 followers. If you have more followers their is a chance of clicking your sponsored tweets and more chance to make money online with Sponsored Tweets.

Build Real Influence

You should build your twitter profile and followers to build a real influence which means you should have the people who really want to follow you not for if they follow you and you will auto follow them. If you have this real influence you can have a higher price for your tweet and will get lot of advertiser and can make money online with sponsored tweets.

Finally build a complete real influence twitter profile with more followers and make money online with Sponsored tweets.

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