Short Guide To Create A Good Squeeze Page


The squeeze page is a very effective way of collecting data from your visitors and promoting your business. It is a direct method of expanding your consumer base; and the list of leads that is generated through this method is the most authentic.

Read on to find out how you can create a business-friendly squeeze page effortlessly.

What Are The Elements Of Squeeze Page?

Here is the list of the top 6 elements that can create a good  squeeze page a big success:

How to Create a Squeeze Page


It is the face of your squeeze page. On reading the headline, people should be encouraged to read further and furnish their email IDs to you.

The length of the headline should not be overwhelming for the prospect. The line should give out the message clearly. The most secure way to catch the prospect’s attention is by revealing what he will get in return for his email ID.

The headline should appear in a larger font than the rest of your content. It is a good idea to choose a contrasting color against that of your squeeze page.

2. Subheadings

Subheadings are the extensions of the headline. They should give some interesting details of the information revealed by the headline.

3. Usefulness is important

The squeeze page is meant for impressing people. However, quality and the purpose of the content of the squeeze page should not be overpowering. Do not be pushy. The reader should not feel as if he is reading an advertisement.

Give your content a straightforward tone. Tell the reader in simple language how he will benefit after signing up. Before posting your content on the squeeze page, read it at least twice to improve its conciseness.

Placement of content is also crucial. There should not be too many exclamatory one-liners placed close to one another. The one-liners should flow naturally with the content. Congestion creates confusion, which may drive away the prospect.

4. Stay away from too many graphics

Refrain from uploading multiple videos and too many flashy blurbs on the page. Remember, you have only one page. That is why just one video, which explains well as to what the prospect will get after signing up, is perfect. Similarly, keep the blurbs soothing to the eyes.

5. A crisp opt-in form

Your prospect would like to get the offering by spending as less time as possible. Hence, keep the format of the form simplest so that he is encouraged to fill it up right then.

6. A perfect call-to-action

Of course, you will mention in your content that the prospect will receive the offering via email. However, if you do not attract their attention to the available form also then you might just lose them. Therefore, by using arrows with a call-to-action, you will surely succeed in encouraging the prospect to fill the form immediately.

While keeping in view What Are The Elements Of Squeeze Page, do not forget this element at all. An effective call-to-action ensures that the prospect does not leave the paper before signing up.

How to Create A Squeeze Page Better?

After knowing What Are The Elements Of Squeeze Page, it is important to keep certain points in mind while incorporating these elements in your squeeze page:

1. Your offering should appeal to the senses of your prospects

Although the offering is free, know that people would not like to accept junk in their inboxes. Hence, you will have to offer something that would excite them. An e-book with interesting information or a report that discloses new findings is a good option.

2. Give your prospect a scroll-free experience

Scrolling up and down requires effort. Moreover, if your prospect fails to locate the form on the page because he did not scroll properly then he may leave the page for good. Hence, you should keep your squeeze page limited to a single screen.

However, if for any reason you cannot limit the page in one screen then provide the form in the beginning and at the end. However, you should never stretch your page beyond two screens.

3. Autoresponders

Autoresponders add human-touch to the interaction with your prospect. It would be practically impossible for you to send the offerings manually to the people, who have subscribed. Hence, by using an autoresponder service, you will be able to send offerings as well as other promotional items without spending time.

4. Personalize the opt-in form

It is a fact that people are wary of giving away their email IDs. However, you can make it easy for them to fill the form by personalizing it. For instance, instead of just Email ID, you may mention ‘Send me the free gift at’. In this way, you will break the apprehension of the prospect and succeed in procuring the details faster.

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