5 Tips to Optimize YouTube Videos for SEO

You can optimize your YouTube videos for SEO if you create a playlist, engage the viewers. Identify and include proper keywords in your tags, titles and descriptions.

Today, people prefer watching videos rather than reading long textual content. Since videos have become the most popular way of sharing information online, businesses are looking for ways to optimize YouTube videos for SEO. There are 5  tips to optimize youtube viedeos  an SEO company may implement to make your videos rank high on search engines.

Use of Quality Keywords:

Before you upload your video on You Tube, think of your video title and description. Do they have the right keywords? The best keywords will target the right users. In order to find the most effective keywords, you can use Google Adwords. You should make use of general and long tail keywords. Make sure you understand the competition for certain keywords so that you can know how much potential your videos will have online.

Tips to Optimize YouTube Video

Creating a Playlist

One of the ways in which you can boost the number of people watching all the videos you have posted on YouTube is by creating a video playlist. This playlist allows viewers to go through similar videos which you have posted. If you do not do this, YouTube will direct your visitor to other videos which it deems have similar content. Remember that some of these videos may not be from your account so you will be losing out.

Making your videos available for all audiences

You must always consider that, social media networks have a wide audience. There are certain people who do not hear or speak in a different language. This is why adding captions, annotations and transcripts make your videos more available. The good thing about transcripts is that, search engines read them meaning that they can boost your SEO.

Encourage Viewer Engagement

Any SMO activity you carry out should engage your viewers. This may include a number of annotations like comments, subscriptions or shares. This can really help to boost your ranking in search engines since when more viewers comment or share your video, it can become viral. Make sure you place the plug-ins where viewers can share your videos with people on social media networks.

Optimization of Various Elements

One of the things which you should optimize is your video title. YouTube videos allow users to come up with a title that is not more than 100 characters. Make sure the first words in your title are very relevant keywords. You should make use of keywords such as, ‘review’, ‘how to’, or your business name.

When you are writing the description, which has a limit of 5000 characters, make sure you use the same keywords which you placed to optimize your title. This description is going to be read by the search engine while indexing so make sure it summarizes the entire video and has a link to your website.

Lastly, make sure you make use of the extra keyword terms (tags) when uploading your YouTube videos. Choose highly relevant tags and make sure the first tag is your primary keyword. Most SMO packages will optimize tags, descriptions and titles for a better ranking.

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