Best Apps You Didn’t Know Existed For Your TV

The world of apps has taken the smartphone and tablet industry by storm. However, the television industry is an equally massive marketplace, and more and more developers are creating apps for internet-connected televisions, and the new generation of Smart TVs.

Several apps have been available for televisions for a while now, and they all have a theme: they’re video oriented. These apps include Netflix, Blockbuster @Home, Hulu and Hulu Plus, VUDU, and the music giant Pandora. What most people don’t know is there are actually hundreds of apps available for today’s modern televisions, and just like the apps for our mobile devices, some are useful and some aren’t.

Apps for Television

Here’s a look at some of the best apps you didn’t know existed for your television.

CNBC RT (Real-Time)
CNBC is the undisputed leader in real-time financial information. They provide the latest information on every stock market and financial index meaningful to investors, and often pair it with financial advice.

Their real-time app for your television lets you build a stock portfolio, watch live shows, and follow all the breaking news and trends from the financial industry. Take complete control over your investments right from your television, with this free real-time app from CNBC.
This simple app from delivers the very latest, breaking, and trending news right to your television. It’s a non-graphical app that delivers all the news in a format similar to Tweets from Twitter.

Sometimes less is more, and when it comes to the television app from, this is truth in advertising.

The DISH Remote Access app from DISH is one of the most useful apps you’ll ever find for television enjoyment and entertainment no matter where you want to watch your favorite television show.

DISH subscribers can fully access and manage their DVR from both Android and iOS mobile devices, including deleting existing content, watching recorded programs, and even setting up new recordings. Never again will you have to miss a special event because you forgot to set your DVR on the way out the door. Just login and setup the recording!

You can also watch anything currently airing on DISH through the DRA app, which means you’ve got the best in television programming no matter where you are.

TV Guide
The new TV Guide app could literally change the face of television, bridging the gap between streaming content providers and subscription-based subscribers in a way that has begged for a solution for far too long.

When you search for a show using the TV Guide app, you will get every instance of that show and exactly how you can access it. That not only means showing listings from DIRECTV, DISH, Comcast, or other major satellite and cable television providers, but also from online streaming sources including Hulu Plus, HBO GO, Crackle, and iTunes. The company expects to add streaming giants Netflix and Amazon as quickly as possible.

Never again will you have to wonder where you can find your favorite shows online. A quick search with the new TV Guide app and you’ll know exactly where to catch the latest episodes of your favorite shows.

The apps-for-televisions market is just starting to be developed, which literally means the sky is the limit. This is a good thing. After all, look at all the great apps available for your smartphones and tablets. Just imagine what app developers will be to develop for our larger, HDTVs.

What TV apps do you enjoy the best?

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