The Best Methods/Ways To Earn Money Online


Ways To Earn Money OnlineOne of the best ways  to earn money is through the internet, as you find people of different fields in this particular place. Every business needs initial investment, which you may acquire in the form of funds. As such, you can take a Payment Protection Insurance along with loans to take care of your monthly instalments in certain situations like disability.

Following are some of  the best  approaches for earning money online:

Affiliate Marketing

In Affiliate marketing, you need to own a website and trade products or services through your referral link. You will be paid, based on your sales and profits.

Here are some kinds of affiliate marketing.

  • Start an online travel agency and assist people in booking tickets and providing accommodation. Your organisation should include all kinds of transport booking  like car, bus, train and flight.
  • Help people in financial activities like loans, foreign exchange and bank accounts.
  • Selling products online. Ebay, deals to buy and  jabong are some of the examples of online sellers.

Write Reviews

Enhance your writing skills and write reviews on various products and services based on your interest. You will be compensated based on the quality of your reviews.

Trade Your Own Products

  • Selling others products can fetch you only percentage profits, so, to improve your earnings start selling your own products. Here are some ideas :
  • Vend your ebook: Write ebooks on various topics so that readers who find it interesting buy it by paying some amount of money.
  • Sell your crafts : If you are good at crafting you can post the images and videos related to your crafts and sell them online.
  • Sell photos : You might have taken several pictures of animals, flowers, books, kids, birds etc. occasionally. You can sell them to websites like Fotolia.


Every business organisation promotes its products and services, make your website an advertising platform to earn money.

Pay per click, Banners and video ads, Cost per thousand, Selling ad space are some kinds of advertisements to earn money. Here you get money when someone clicks on it.

Web Design

Every business requires a website to reach the audience, promote their products and make its presence in the market. With the knowledge of programming, web designing and coding you can design websites and earn money. Know their individual requirements and design it accordingly to get their appraisals.

Be A Blogger

Create a blog and involve people to read your articles. Provide some back links and URLs at the end of each article and ask readers to visit it for further information. This is a kind of SEO technique to earn money online.


Help people by giving necessary information related to further studies, health, shopping, entertainment etc.

Be An Online Tutor

In this busy world, the demand for online tutors has drastically increased. Some of examples of online tutorials are

  • Virtual Music Classes
  • Online Academic Tutorials
  • Online Computer Courses
  • Online Aerobics

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