Top 10 Advantage of Shared Web Hosting


Hosting a website on a shared server is always a business critical decision and therefore requires thorough analysis and comparative study. There are hundreds of options available in the market and usually cost is the most important factor that gets the maximum consideration. Although it is highly recommended for a cost-effective solution, it is not a wise thing to go for a cheaper solution blindly. Other parameters like reliability, good quality, server consistency, client feedback are the important parameters that must be looked into.

Top 10 Advantage of Shared Web Hosting

Top 10 Advantage of Shared Hosting

1. Cost

Shared hosting and cheap web hosting is always a cost-effective option for business owner. The fundamental reason behind this is resource sharing. One host server will be shared by multiple sites and therefore the maintenance and other operating costs get distributed. It is a win-win situation for the client as well as the service provider.

2. Accountability of the Service Provider

The client is not required to be technically equipped to manage and maintain the server. The service provider will be the subject matter expert and responsible for uptime and consistency of the same.
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3. Higher business opportunity:

The shared servers will allow large number of business users and thus you have higher business opportunity and increased profits.

4. Database Support

Shared servers are backed-up with strong database support. Although it is transparent to the web business owners, yet it can be extremely beneficial for you.

5. Competitive Edge

Shared servers provide extreme competitive edge by making you capable of adding shopping carts, chats, forums, boards and community panels. All these add a great value to your website and you get a solid winning edge against the competitors.

6. Uninterrupted Service

It provides practically uninterrupted services to the customers and your website has 100% uptime. The server has a back-up and the switch over from the main to backed-up server is totally transparent to the users. It gives superb experience to the users.

7. Business Promotion

Shared servers give an excellent opportunity to you for making your services, website and products exposed to worldwide clients. It results in greater visibility and acceptance of your business.

8. Versatility

Shared servers are versatile and capable of handling websites pertaining to different platforms. You need not worry about the technical aspects and compatibility issues.

9. Ease of use

These are extremely user-friendly and even non-technical people with very little understanding of IT or web technology can handle them.

10. Reliability and high quality

Shared servers are always reliable and very high quality. They are checked on the consistency and performance parameters and always get monitored for high performance. More on:  Choosing the Best Web Hosting Services in 2013

shared web hosting provide tremendous flexibility and reliability to your web site and you can really get relieved from the worries and hassles of maintaining it. Better concentration on the core business activities is possible to increase the profitability. Loading the website with a wide variety of objects like data, audio and video files, multimedia files and many other attractive features is possible. It helps in making the look and feel of the website completely professional and sleek!

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