Top 10 Famous and Useful Android Apps


The very best Android Apps are ones that we know and love for their usefulness. In fact, some of them have made other items practically obsolete. No need for a notebook, a camera or a flashlight if you have a smartphone. In fact, you don’t even need to bring along a toy, game or book to keep your kids quiet if you are bringing them somewhere good behavior is required. Explore our list of the top 10 famous and useful Android apps that you need on your phone.

Top 10 Famous and Useful Android Apps


The Pinterest app is an excellent tool for organizing ideas for home, fashion, cooking, entertaining and much more. The visual appeal of Pinterest makes it a hit with women. The virtual bulletin board makes organizing ideas and dreams easy.

Temple Run

While the goal of this game is deceptively simple – help the runner avoid obstacles – Temple Run is challenging and addictive. It is a great way to entertain children and adults alike.

TV Apps

This is a generic app because there are so many different apps that you can watch on your android phone. Most cable companies have their own version, but a great one is the Direct TV app. You can schedule your DVR from your phone if your away so you can watch your shows when you get back or watch live TV from your phone.


The Amazon Mobile app lets you do quick and easy online shopping from the best online marketplace using your Android phone or tablet.


This app is simply an easy to use notepad that you can install on your Android to eliminate post-its, actual notepads and lists. This is a practical app that you will use more than you would expect.

Tiny Flashlight+LED

A torch app that outdoes all the others, the TinyFlashlight +LED app lets you do more than you can with any other app like it. In addition to a multitude of fun features, you can even program it to turn on if you shake your phone while the screen is locked. This transforms your phone into a useful safety device.


This photo sharing site makes it easy to take and share photos via social media. It gives you a variety of effects to use in your pictures, so the creative person will never get bored.

Pandora Internet Radio

Music lovers will be thrilled with the Pandora app that allows them to play music of any genre any time, any place.

Words With Friends

Scrabble lovers can’t resist Words With Friends. Very similar to Scrabble, this app lets you play multiple games at once with friends or strangers. This is a great way to help kids expand their vocabulary and learn new words. It is also fun for older adults who want to keep their minds sharp.


The Skype app lets you save money on phone calls by easily accessing Skype phone rates, including complimentary video calls with Skype-to-Skype.
Whether you are a newbie to apps, a newbie to Android phones or just looking for some new, useful apps for your phone, this list is sure to have something for you.

They are all free, so check them out and see what magic they can bring to your phone.

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