Top 3 To-Do iPhone Apps for Organizing Your life


The classic to-do list hasn’t changed much since human­ity first put pen to paper; we still write it all out, and check it off when we complete it. The biggest drawback of to-do lists is that they’re only useful if you remember to carry them with you—something that, despite my best inten­tions, I rarely manage to do.

One thing I never forget, however, is my iPhone, and for­tunately, the App Store overflows with organizational options light years ahead of the crumpled, handwritten lists that I used to make. These apps take advantage of nifty features like push notifications and location awareness to make sure every item on your list gets checked off.

Astrid Tasks (Free)

Astrid tasks

If your to-do list often involves other people, Astrid is the app for you. You can sync and share your Astrid list with other users, assign tasks to your contacts via email, and share them with Facebook and Twitter. One particularly neat feature is the integrated social component, which allows you to “friend” other people and track their progress on public tasks. The cloud sync feature automatically syncs your lists with, making them easily available from any device or computer.

Any.DO (Free) iPhone Apps

Need a re­minder to pick up bread when you leave work, or wa­ter your plants when you get home? Any.DO’s easy-to-use location-based reminders will make sure you don’t forget by popping up with a notification when the app senses your phone leaving or arriving at the specified destination. The only downside is that to acti­vate this option, you’re asked to share the app with three friends (you can, however, cancel the message without sending and it will still unlock this feature). The uncluttered in­terface is gorgeous, and adding tasks is a breeze, thanks to excellent voice recognition and auto-complete suggestions.

Todoist (Free)

todoist iPhone Apps

Todoist is available whenever you need it, wherever you need it, with automatic synchro­nization to your iPhone, desktop, Web browser, email client, and more. Tasks can be organized into projects, which can then be broken down into a nearly infi­nite number of sub-projects, allowing you to plan your projects down to the tiniest detail. The overview mode offers a clean, color-coded view of the impor­tant tasks you have scheduled over the upcoming week.

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