Top 5 Free Note 2 Apps with S Pen


Note 2 has been the best device Samsung has ever built for a smartphone. The device sold over 10 million units worldwide and still counting. With the big number of demand from the users, Android made sure that most of the features of the gigantean phone will have a respective application.

So in this post, I will be talking about the 5 Samsung Galaxy Note 2 applications that complement the S Pen feature of the phone. But first, I will be giving the rightful requirement:

  • First, the app should be awesome
  • It shouldn’t be a pre-installed application on the Note 2.
  • It should be using some of the unique feature of the Galaxy Note 2 specifically the S Pen

Now, we know what the rules are; here are the top 5 free  Note 2 apps with the S Pen feature.

Sketch ‘Em

If you are like me and I know I am poor at drawing or sketching; I can’t even legibly write my name properly or draw a very simple picture on my device. Sketch ‘em will correct the insecurity of being an artist in you. Here is how it works:

First, choose a picture from the built in packs of the application.

Follow the step by step way of sketching the image.

When you are finished, you will see how well you have mimicked the illustration.

I personally think that I will need more practice on sketching on my Note 2. Just watching what I had accomplished made me ask for more. Sketch ‘em, also has free sketching mode and a creator mode, which lets you create your drawing lessons. I am happy to tell that the application is free on Google Play Store.


When you look at applications optimized for the Note 2 or the rest of the Note series, you are going to see massive number of note taking apps. It is like the developer saw the name, had a “eureka moment” and thought, “I know what I am going to do for an app!”

Top 5 Free Note 2 Apps with S Pen Papyrus

Of the many note taking apps available on the market, one that stood out is the Papyrus. Using Papyrus is pretty easy, once you have created your new notebook just jot down the important things that you need to write on it with your S Pen. If you need to erase it, then just swipe it with your fingers.

Papyrus is a free downloadable application on Google Play store, but there are optional in-app purchases like the PDFs and Cloud uploading add-ons.

Photo Desk

This application is a combination of Photo Editor and Photo Organizer. In addition to the S Pen, you can also utilize the Note 2 split screen feature. Hovering over an image or the folder with the S Pen will bring a little info bubble and pressing the S Pen button will bring out the contextual pop-out menu. It is also very easy to resize the images, add text and audio and move multiple photos around with drag and drop.

By far, one of the coolest features is photo desk’s map view; which shows the map of where the various photos were taken. This makes things like organize the vacation gallery way easier.

Photo desk is also a free download in the Play Store just like the first two applications listed above.


Before, you have learned to draw using Sketch ‘em and now you are looking for something bigger and better. You are thinking about the 4th app, which is FlipaClip.

FlippaClip Note 2 apps

When you were a kid, did you ever make flip books? Well, FlipaClip is like that except that it is a free downloaded application on your Note 2. You are going to create your animation one frame at a time or if you are like me who can barely draw, you will still end up with something pretty cool.

Scribble Racer

Our previous apps are there to help you get things done either for school or for work. But our fifth app which is the final app for this post is the Scribble Racer which is just a simple game but you could kill time, hooked up with the game. It is kind of addicting just like most of the Facebook online games. Just so you know, with this application, you will use your S Pen to play with it that is because the game itself is actually built for the Note series phones. Just put the S Pen of the screen and make sure that you will not crush into the walls. Pick up stars, fruits and candy which are for some reason fills up your slow down meter, which you could activate with your S Pen button.

Samsung galaxy note 2 apps Scribble Racer

As the game progresses, it gets faster and faster and eventually, you will hit a wall. Scribble racer is of course free to download on your Google Play Store but it is ad supported.

What are you waiting for? Check them out now! Have fun!

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