Top 5 Ways To Use Pinterest To Grow Your Start-Up Business


While Pinterest has been around for over two years now, it has only recently begun to emerge as a serious force in terms of helping to grow a business. The following top five tips will allow you to identify whether or not Pinterest is going to be a relevant tool for you, and how you can make the most of the site if it indeed an opportunity.

Top 5 Ways To Use Pinterest To Grow Your Business

Before you invest any significant amount of time and money into developing your use of Pinterest, take a good look throughout the site and see whether your offer is going to be relevant to the users. Most of Pinterest’s audience are female, who use the site for discussing fashion, books, recipes, and other interests. Therefore, if you are selling a product aimed specifically at men then you are barking up the wrong tree, and you will most likely not generate volume leads from Pinterest.

Time Investment
As with anything in life, to get any success from Pinterest you will need to dedicate a great deal of time both to your “pin board” as well as your own website. The key to Pinterest is to place pictures of your product on the site with a link back to your own website, which users can then “pin” on their own board for others to see. Obviously, the better your product and image quality, the more likely people are to pay attention and visit your site.

As for your website itself, you just need to follow the same principles as you normally would, in terms of navigation and ease of use. Ideally, your website will already be well developed and have been SEO optimised prior to you using Pinterest, so no additional work will be needed.

Know Who to Follow
The easiest way to get yourself noticed is to follow those popular in your field. So, if you are an independent fashion designer, follow well-known independent fashion designers, and the retailers who carry their designs. Build relationships with these people with a similar product to you, you will be much more likely to see your products “re pinned” and recommended on Pinterest, which will drive traffic and potential customers to your site.

Be Social Media Savvy
It is truly shocking how many individuals and businesses simply use automated programs to update their social media feeds, let alone their reaction when social media does not get them the results they want. The key here is to not just self-promote, but also discuss industry issues, top tips, or relevant news stories from the day.

Creating discussions will see more people take an interest in you and want to see what you are all about. If there is another person or business in the industry who you admire, recommend their product or service, you may be pleasantly surprised how willing they are to reciprocate.

Keeping it Simple
The reason why Pinterest has grown to be so popular so quickly is that it is clean, simple, and easy to use. Ensure your business’ Pinterest board follows these same principles, so browsers can find their way around your page easily and identify with you as quickly as possible.

Following these top tips will help businesses to create and capitalise on the extra traffic Pinterest can deliver.

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