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We all know the feeling when the air starts to change and the cool breeze of fall begins to sweep over us foreshadowing the rapid descent of the holidays upon us. The relaxation of summer is over and we are preparing to brace for the rush of business end-of-year-woes. It’s usually around this time vacations may sound almost pleasant, but in the life of a business owner vacations can be riddled with well… business. To prepare for the business life whilst vacationing, here are three smartphone apps every business owner must have when they hit their winter vacation.

Top SmartPhone Apps Fo -Business

Expensify App

Expensify is an expense reporting application for smart phones that allows business travelers to record their receipts from food, hotel and travel expenses on-site. This app also has features that track the receiving of reimbursements, mileage used, and expense reporting approval timelines. Expensify can also link up with credit cards and scan receipts immediately into smart phones. This is great for business trips or personal trips to track and show the amount of money spent.

Cisco WebEx Meeting Center App

The Cisco WebEx Meeting app is ideal for those impromptu business meetings while vacationing. This app features the ability to host, attend and schedule meetings with business clients and employees as well as share content and video with up to 5 people, all through your smart phone.

Evernote APP

Evernote is one of the top smartphone apps for business owners that offers users the ability to read Microsoft Word documents and PDFs, while saving multiple items on a digital hard drive while on the go or on vacation. You never know when inspiration will strike and this app offers the opportunity to set reminders through photo notes, audio recordings and text pad. It has a web clipper to save web pages, an itinerary saving system, and a feature to share your notes with employees, partners and family members.

Staying Connected Through Your Phone

Staying connected to what’s happening is essential for any entrepreneur or business owner, and these free apps help facilitate your business connection to the real world even when you’re away. With today’s mobile technology, you can easily and effectively maintain the quality and peace of mind required to run a business even if you’re stuck in a cabin in Montana with your awkward in-laws.

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