Top Social Media Mistakes to Avoid in 2013


Social media is so much into our lives that we sometimes take the concept of social networking for granted. That is quite alright if you are not into Internet Marketing using social media for business. If you are, one question that you might want to concern yourself with is what are the top Social media mistakes you can make or to avoid in 2013

Top Social Media Mistakes

Top Social Media Mistakes to avoid in 2013

1. Being Impatient

You must understand that building a virtual social presence takes time. Your new site does not normally get indexed in 24 hours, does it? You would not expect traffic to flow in by the thousands once you have put in half a dozen articles, nor would you expect your backlinks to be noted by search engines the minute you have created them. People who expect instant results with social media are also the ones that give up in a while or worse, create a negative impression about their business.

2. Not Having a Plan

Something that usually accompanies the desire for instant results is not having a strategy. Social networking is another, very important part of your total marketing strategy. Unless you have a plan like you have with your SEO, for example, you are not likely to get anywhere. Setting up a few accounts here and there and creating a Facebook Page with a couple of posts, or twitting intermittently don’t really help.

3. Not Being Selective

A corollary to not having a plan is choosing more sites to promote yourself on than you can handle. Even if you are a company that can afford a team solely for social networking, you must choose from the numerous sites the ones that are best suited to your business, and make certain that you are able to build your presence on each site successfully.

One way to understand if you are doing this right is to check the time it takes you to respond to queries from your subscribers / fans / followers / friends. If you are not able to respond within 30 minutes, you have spread yourself too thin.

The 24 Hour Support that most companies boast of is necessary because when people contact you on the Net, they feel reassured to see that you are always there to respond to their queries. This makes you real and, therefore, dependable.

4. Being Amateurish

This is not the same as being a spammer, but very often it gets you a similar reputation. How many posts by someone else would you be interested in reading during a 24 hour period? If you are going all out with news and offers and promises and what not constantly, you are showing desperation. People tend to be wary of desperate individuals.

In any case, you should take a lesson from Forum Marketing. When you open a thread,making your posts slowly builds up interaction. If you dump everything you have in the very first posts, people will view what you have posted – perhaps not even all of it, and move along. Some will be polite enough to leave a remark, others will not bother.

Promoting yourself too frequently takes the Social out of the Networking. You are dealing with real people, so behave as you would in real life. If you would not overwhelm anyone with information about your business when you meet them at a party, don’t think of doing it on Facebook.

5. Not Being Professional Enough

This is a little different from being amateurish, but could turn out to be the worse and top social media mistakes of the two. Some experts are of the opinion that you earn the right to talk about yourself only when you have managed to sincerely talk about the achievement or opinion of others in about 80% of your total interaction.

There is probably no need to get into intricate calculations. Just bearing in mind that you are supposed to be a social presence ought to be enough. Someone who is truly social does not constantly talk about themselves. They do not try to scramble up a pedestal that they always carry with themselves, either. Being social is embracing others (sometimes literally – with an emoticon) and presenting oneself as an individual who is part of the whole.

You will have made a great start to social networking by exploring what are the top mistakes you can make with social media. Avoiding such mistakes is the first step that should lead to a gradual, but very powerful presence on the social media sites of your choice. Aiming for a natural growth from the very beginning is, perhaps, the best overall strategy that you can adopt.

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