Top10 Educational Apps for Your Kids


We live in an age where there is an app for everything; apps to remind you to take water, apps to pass your time stapling imaginary documents etc., apps on how to cook, apps for better typing, apps to find out the current movies being showcased in your nearby cinema and so on!

In this age, where almost every household has a smartphone, or a smart device, it is very important to integrate its usage for productive purposes. Especially if you have kids or children who are studying, make sure you have these education apps which will help your kids improve academically, in a fun and modern way!

Top10 Educational Apps for Your Kids

Top 10 educational apps for your kids

Myhomework app

This app allows your kid to make a note of all homework, projects, and assignments and even set a reminder for each event! He can even set priority and keep a track record of classes!


iDevbooks is a collection of apps which has a set of 20 math apps for iPhone, and covers 20 mathematical concepts. Instead of distracting the user with ads and whistles, the app concentrates on making the math concepts easy to understand.


It allows your child to maintain virtual notebooks for subjects, reminders, proverbs, bucket list, to-do lists or anything that needs to be noted. One can even add a photo, map or audio clip!


Sparknotes simplifies literature, philosophy, plays etc. and makes it easy for students to know the condensed story. A very helpful app, giving students access to 50 pre-installed study guides!

Atlas by Collins

A very beautiful and immersive way to study geography and know more about the planet. With interactive data, 3D globes and great visual effects, it is a must have app for students!


Scribd is one of the most popular apps downloaded by students and teachers. With a collection of numerous documents and PDF’s, it is on the verge of becoming “The Virtual Library of Congress”!


Every student knows the importance of Wikipedia for projects, assignments and homework. Wikipedia app offers everything it previously did, but this time in the smartphone!

The Clean Dictionary

The clean dictionary offers the spellings and meanings of words without any ad popping up to distract. One can also share the words on Facebook, Twitter etc.

Learn World History

This app lists out all the historical events that have occurred since the beginning of civilization till 1900. Test your kids’ knowledge by playing some fun history quizzes!


iStudious is an app that lets your kid take down notes and convert them into flashcards. Great way to condense any long lecture, or a heavy topic!

With these above top 10 educational apps for your kids, you can your children to learn better and can have some fun while learning.

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