Using Twitter as a Sole Proprietor


If you own your own business, you’re probably already aware how difficult it is to market yourself all by your lonesome. Enter: Twitter! Twitter is a sole proprietor’s best friend if used properly, but there are a few things to know before you snap up a handle and send your first Tweet.

Choose Your Twitter Handle Carefully:

Many sole proprietors use their own name as their business moniker, and that’s okay. On Twitter, however, you should never use your business account for anything too personal, so if your Twitter handle is your name, Tweet accordingly. If you must sign up for another account to accommodate your personal followers, choose a nickname – something not at all similar to your brand.

Don’t Over Self-Promote:

It can be tempting to Tweet out promotions left and right – Sale! New stock! – but resist the urge lest you get unfollowed. Being a sole proprietor actually gives you a unique perspective to Tweet out specific, personal insights related to your industry. Do this often and save the promotional Tweets for once or twice a week.

Become an “Expert” in Your Field:

Solo Tweeters have more flexibility than large brand Twitter accounts. Make it a point to become an expert in an area of your field, for example, if you’re a personal chef, make it your mission to be the best at organic cooking. Tweet often from this perspective and people will start looking to you for advice and tips and hopefully engaging with your Twitter account.

Find the Time to Tweet:

Sole proprietors likely have less free time than nearly any other type of entrepreneur, but that doesn’t mean social can fall by the wayside. Make it a point to Tweet regularly, at least 2-4 times a day, and invest in a scheduled Tweeting service if you must. Consistency is key in becoming a “presence” in social media.

Use Twitter as a Free Customer Tool:

What better way to answer customer questions, get feedback, and respond to dissatisfaction than on Twitter? Not only is the service free, it’s public. Doing your business out in the open shows your customers you’re honest and care about what they think. Twitter isn’t the only tool that performs these functions but it’s certainly the biggest and the cheapest.

Build Followers Organically:

New to Twitter? Fight the urge to spend an absurd amount of money to (unethically) “buy” followers and create a plan for growing your account naturally instead. Don’t just put out content, interact by Direct Messaging, Re-Tweeting, and Favorite-ing other people’s content too and you’ll gain followers left and right. Go ahead and follow at will, particularly businesses and people you think would be interested in what you have to say, and slowly but surely watch your followers grow.

Twitter should be part of any sole proprietor’s marketing plan as it’s an inexpensive, quick way to stay in touch with customers and build your brand. There are a few things to consider when you’re using Twitter as a business tool, however, do your best to be persistent and always, always stay professional.

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