What shall we know about Microsoft’s Xbox One?


This week Microsoft showed us Xbox One, the next generation of its video game console. The new release aims at emphasizing TV content, tracking sports competitions and online services and improving performance of the video games which are in fact the traditional functions of the product.

Xbox One may be acquired in the second half of this year but unfortunately Microsoft did not say one single word about the estimate price; maybe the Richmond-based giant wanted fans to get surprised by themselves.

The gaming device can be controlled by voice commands and is equipped with sensors that track users’ movements. The video calling and conferencing service Skype is integrated into the platform, alongside TV packages as well as sporting-related apps that were developed in partnership with the U.S. National Football League.

What shall we know about Microsoft’s Xbox one
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As expected, Microsoft’s new product has also competitors and among them we can clearly distinguish Sony PlayStation 4 which has been recently announced by the Japanese company, and Nintendo’s Wii U released back in November.

Apparently we find out also new things as Microsoft Xbox One seems to be the first console that was not built primarily for video games. Therefore the sales could be stimulated by media content which is claimed exclusively by Microsoft in a period of fragmentation and rearrangement of the gaming industry.

Watch out, because the games we’ve been running so far on the current model will not work on Xbox One, but the good news is that the fanatic players will be able to recover partially the price of their securities by re-sale and exchange with other players.

A little about the technical specifications? Well, I should highlight here that the new Xbox is black colored, horizontally oriented, and includes a device dubbed Kinect that is able to recognize the voice commands and motion of the players.

Xbox One comes with more powerful hardware than its predecessor and integrates an eight-core microprocessor (a big WOW for that) produced by AMD, 8 gigabytes of RAM and a Blu-ray disc player.


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